Tokenization Available in Patrick Townsend Security Solutions Encryption Suite of Data Privacy Offerings

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Alliance Token Manager - tokenize sensitive data and reduce or completely eliminate the risks associated with data loss.

Alliance Token Manager also offers an industry first - the ability to generate non-recoverable tokens. Non-recoverable tokens help organizations take selected servers out of scope for compliance.

Patrick Townsend Security Solutions (PTSS) has expanded its suite of data privacy solutions to include the ability to tokenize sensitive data. With Alliance Token Manager (ATM), enterprise customers can reduce, or completely eliminate, the compliance exposure of sensitive data by tokenizing that data. Tokenization allows organizations to replace sensitive stored data with a data ‘token’ that contains similar characteristics of the original data.

Alliance Token Manager also offers an industry first - the ability to generate non-recoverable tokens. Non-recoverable tokens help organizations take selected servers out of scope for compliance. Non-recoverable tokens provide a unique identifier for encrypted data that can be used to associate the data, without the risk that the actual value of the data could ever be recovered. With non-recoverable tokens the original data (credit card number, social security number, etc. ) is not stored on a server and that server can then be taken out of scope for compliance.

“Tokenization is a tremendous compliment to our existing encryption technology”, said John Earl, PTSS CEO, “We realize that organizations must protect data to meet compliance regulations. However, data encryption isn’t always the right tool for the job. Tokenization allows organizations to use the tokenized data without ever decrypting and exposing sensitive data. “

Alliance Token Manager addresses several unique data protection needs. When encryption is done right, the same credit card number encrypted two different times would produce two distinctly different results. With tokenized data, the same credit card number would always be tokenized to the same token value, allowing the organization to sort, join, and lookup unique values without ever exposing the credit card number.

Other unique Alliance Token Manager features include:

  • Enterprise solution with a tokenization server: Alliance Token Manager can act as a tokenization server to the entire enterprise. This allows you to completely separate the token database from the data it is protecting. With ATM, you can tokenize information using a Windows application, for example, and use the token across all enterprise platforms including Windows, Linux, Unix, IBM i, and IBM z. Any application or operating system that supports the industry standard SSL/TLS communications protocol can securely access the tokenization server.
  • Compliance with Visa encryption best practices: ATM meets the technical recommendations set forth by Visa for tokenization implementations.
  • Supports masked tokens to meet regulatory requirements: Masked tokens are non-sensitive replacement values that contain some of the original information. Organizations can mask tokens using the last 4 digits, or the first 2 plus the last 4 digits, or other combinations. This flexibility allows organizations to retain business logic and still meet regulatory requirements that allow organizations to retain some parts of the original personally identifiable information.
  • High availability monitoring: Alliance Token Manager supports real-time, high availability mirroring for data redundancy, network recovery, and load balancing. You can mirror the token database to a remote data center or third- party business recovery site using a variety of commercially available mirroring products.

Supported client platforms:
ATM supports Windows, UNIX, Linux, IBM Power Systems (i and p), and IBM z as client platforms and the IBM Power System I as a server platform.

For more information about Alliance Token Manager, please visit

About Patrick Townsend Security Solutions:
PTSS makes NIST-certified software and appliance solutions to protect sensitive data from loss, theft and abuse. The company offers a variety of products that employ encryption, tokenization, encryption key management and system logging. Known as the Encryption Company, PTSS was formed in 1984, and is privately held with headquarters in Olympia, WA. For more information visit or call (800) 357-1019.


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