A New Training Program Teaches Employees How to Balance High Tech with High Touch to Drive People and Profits

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In this day and age when we rely heavily on technology, we must remember that computers cannot smile or greet employees, customers, community members or shareholders and make them feel valued. Technology supports business development and strategies, but it's people who still drive customer loyalty, which drives profits. In our high tech society, It's more important than ever before that businesses invest in educating their employees on good, basic human relations skills in order to develop lasting relationships.

Technology provides us more ways to communicate today than ever before, yet our communication skills are worse than ever.

With technology overwhelming our senses, human relations is becoming a dying art. However, as humans we still crave interaction with people and an emotional connection that makes us feel valued. In fact, perfecting and using the art of human relations cannot only profoundly drive the people, purpose and profit of any business, but it can also impact the quality of one’s life and the success one achieves. A new training program titled, The Art of Human Relations has been produced by Lee Ann Szelog, owner and training consultant of Simply Put, LLC which teaches people the value of human interactions and how to develop human relations skills to maximize, manage and communicate effectively in our high tech world in order to attract, retain and expand customer relationships.

For anyone who questions the value of human interaction and exceptional human relations skills, please consider the following: What does communication, teamwork, workplace culture and customer service all have in common in the workplace? The answer is…….people; employees continue to be the most important aspect of any business, driving value, technology, marketing, customers, and coworkers, all of which contribute to bottom line results and success. Lee Ann states, “Thriving companies continue to flourish because they understand the importance of balancing high tech with high touch and that the need to educate and develop employees human relations skills is more important than ever before.”

Contemplate a recent customer service encounter you had as a consumer. Most likely you’re reflecting on a negative encounter that all of us experience far too often in today’s chaotic, demanding and high tech world. How often do we share these troubling experiences with others? According to the U.S. Office of Consumer Affairs, for every unsatisfied customer who complains, there are 26 other unhappy customers who say nothing; and of those 26, 24 won’t come back. Also, satisfied customers tell 5 people about good service they receive; dissatisfied customers tell 10 people about bad service received..

In this day and age when we rely heavily on technology, we must remember that computers cannot smile or greet us. The new art of human relations is balancing technology with people, and high tech with high touch to maximize growth and profit while enhancing the lives of people all around us. “Although technology allows us to communicate more than ever before, our communication skills are worse than ever because many people do not possess good, basic human relations and communications skills; the skills that are necessary for any successful person and business,” exclaims Lee.

Regardless of the size of a company, the return on investing in the development of employees’ human relations skills can not only enhance profit, but achieve the following results:
1.    Nurture better relationships with co-workers – as well as family and friends, resulting in more positive (happier) employees with improved interpersonal and communications skills who ultimately make better employees, sons or daughters, spouses, parents, coaches, and volunteers.
2.    Enhance workplace culture by creating an environment in which employees feel valued and treated fairly, contributing to lower turnover.
3.    Improve creativity and innovation, personally and professionally, resulting in better problem-solving.
4.    Encourage accountability with decision-making.
5.    Instill a sense of personal pride.
6.    Lead a more purposeful life, regardless of position, title, age, income, life stage or aspirations.

Leaders of any company are positioned to maximize the opportunity to balance high tech with high touch by focusing on the human element. A special report includes a short list of easy tips to enhance the human relations and ultimately the communication, customer service, teamwork and workplace culture within any company. By leading with the human spirit, companies will not only have a positive impact on employees, customers, shareholders, and community members, but they will also enhance workplace culture and the bottom line. Lee Ann shared that through the program she developed and facilitates, The Art of Human Relations©, participants have said the program has changed their life because they now know how to effectively communicate with family, friends, coworkers, and customers, which helps them make the most of their relationships and life.

Lee Ann Szelog is an award-winning author, training consultant, former lighthouse keeper and wildlife advocate. Passionate about helping people live life rather than react to it, she established Simply Put, LLC after spending 28 years working as a marketing and training executive. She specializes in delivering presentations that provide a refreshing focus on subjects including attitude, human relations, and wellness - of our planet and ourselves. She and her husband, Tom, authored and photographed the award-winning book, Our Point of View-Fourteen Years at a Maine Lighthouse, featuring Marshall Point Lighthouse in Port Clyde, Maine where they resided for 14 years. They also authored and photographed the book, By a Maine River – A Year of Looking Closely, which explores the natural beauty found in their own backyard in Whitefield, Maine. Their current and most ambitious project is the Maine Woods National Park Photo-Documentation Project, which is providing inspiration, education, and motivation, through photographs and words, to encourage society to work together in the spirit of cooperation to create the Maine Woods National Park for the benefit of nature, wildlife, our planet and all mankind.


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