20 years of Research Confirms:Regardless of which Language we Speak, we are all Speaking Hebrew with Funny Accents

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Lanyadoo believes he discovered the language secret, the codes* that reveal* a great library of knowledge; proof positive* that the Bible’s report of Gods/alien confounded language was a real event in our past.

Like the discovery of the constant speed of light, the discovery of the original* language when “And the whole earth was of one language and of one speech” Gen 11-1 has changed an unknown to a known. This allowed Lanyadoo to test his theory by writing everything in Hebrew letters, a process that yielded* 2600 English words with correct Hebrew meanings, five times more words than linguists require as proof of relationship between languages and enough words to understand 70% of the Bible. Lanyadoo predicts the information within the Word as deciphered* in Hebrew will lead us to new understanding of our true history. See below for a small sampling of his dictionary.

  • reveal: re- bo - el = see- in it -God
  • Speech = safa ish = language man
  • create: cara et = called out a-z
  • confound: can pe anad = here speech tied up
  • code: acood = knotted
  • original: or gan el = light- garden - God
  • yield: yalad = birthed
  • deciphered : da sipoor = know story

This is not a Jewish story, but a universal one and the signs are everywhere suggests Lanyadoo. Everything is hidden in plain sight, but only if one applies the Hebrew decipher

  • Vatican: baity can = my house here
  • Catholic: cato li = This-sect for-me
  • Uncle Sam: an col shem = respond voice god
  • Rushmore: rosh moreh = teachers/leaders heads
  • Buddha: bo da = in him knowledge
  • Cahoona : cohen = Hawaiian priest
  • Karma : kara m a =happened from God

Lanyadoo says the evidence suggests the same God wrote all the myths. It becomes clear when comparing the Hebrew and Hindu myths, two supposedly unrelated myths: The Torah’s father of all, Abraham*, is married to Sara. This is the same union as the one reported in the Mahabharata*: Brahma the Hindu father of all (A braham A with the A moved to the end) was also married to Sara swati. Swati* means zo ahoti," This my sister", and further confirms its singular origin because Sara was Abraham’s half-sister.

  • evidence: ouvda nas = facts carries
  • Abraham: ab bar hem = father created them
  • Mahabharata’s: ma brat a = what Lord created
  • Sara-Swati: Sara so ahoti = Sara is my sister

Finally, Lanyadoo claims Hebrew* words are formulas that God “called out” in order to create* the world. In order to understand such lofty concepts in modern terms Lanyadoo suggests imagining a super-computer, with each word being a creation “app” for say sun or water (just like we do today but far more advanced…). The Hebrew word for SUN is SheMeSh, spelled out with the English letters CMC or MC2. The letter C corresponds to the Hebrew letter Shin (sun, shine), meaning light, and the word (Shem), which has the numerical value of 300, the same as the speed of light (in km). The letter M stands for Hydrogen, and corresponds to Mayman in Hebrew. The word Sun-Shemesh, CMC and MC2 are spelled the same and are numerically identical and both express how the sun produces energy. The word MAYM-water, H2O is made up of 2 Mem=Mayman = Hydrogen-M. This way explains Lanyadoo, when a 2 years old learns CMC-shemesh-Sun and MAYM - water. At 12 we are then explained that those words also express formulas for sun and water. Constructing this kind of language needs a lot of knowledge and forethought and cannot possibly be attributed to any kind of natural evolution.

  • formula: po re mila = here see word
  • oxygen: osay Gan = made garden



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