Announcing the National Launch of EnergyARM and the Retrofit Exchange: Two Powerhouse Online Tools That Fully Automate Energy Improvements

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The exponential growth of good jobs is of critical importance across the entire USA and the Federal Government has realized that facilitating residential energy retrofits is one of the best ways to accomplish this goal. The sheer magnitude of this endeavor underscores the need for a fully automated online energy improvement system, such as powered by the

Creating Wealth by Using Energy Mortgages

This incredible online automated energy improvement marketplace tool will probably be the next Google (comment by a Retrofit Exchange program sponsor)

There is a simple solution to our current economic and employment crisis that has been available nationally for over 20 years called "Energy Mortgages". The financial community has largely ignored the 'wealth generating' capacity of energy mortgages by promoting untenable mortgage products such as adjustable rate mortgages (ARMs), interest-only loans, no-down-payment loans, 'no doc' loans, and similar offerings. The entire world is now very aware that these 'exotic' loans were a major mistake and the financial community is looking at energy mortgages with greatly renewed interest.

There are two basic energy mortgage types: Energy Efficient Mortgages (EEMs) and Energy Improvement Mortgages (EIMs) and of the two the EIM is the one that can generate real wealth (equity) instantly. Right now the US Government is spending billions of dollars in stimulus monies to create jobs and rebuild the economy. Most of the work and jobs being funded by the the stimulus dollars are dependent on the stimulus funds to survive. Once the stimulus monies are gone, these jobs will be gone as well.

However, if we engage the private financial community to start lending money again then the jobs created will be sustainable for the long-term because the private sector has an incredible amount of money to lend. By using Energy Improvement Mortgages and EnergyARM's automated system, the lender's own custom online portal will indicate in advance if the residence could actually achieve a higher market value once the energy improvements are made and the EIM loan process is complete. Once lenders understand how the EIM loan process works they become very interested in loaning money again.

To assure lenders that the energy mortgage process will go smoothly and quickly necessitates a fully automated system that they can access online at anytime from anywhere to instantly track the progress of the energy retrofits and other aspects involved in an energy mortgage. This online system is called "EnergyARM", which stands for: "Energy Automated Retrofit Management". incorporates the nation's #1 residential energy rating and calculation software programs, REM/Rate and REM/Design, by Architectural Energy Corporation. EnergyARM also integrates TECTITE by the Energy Conservatory to automatically run the blower door and analyze the air infiltration results. Once all the energy data is obtained and analyzed, an energy improvement package is automatically generated that creates actual scopes of work and schedules. To learn more about how EnergyARM has integrated the "Best of the Best", please click here.

Energy improvement contractors can bid on the work generated by the energy improvement package through the Retrofit Exchange, which is a fully automated online energy retrofit marketplace. All types of products and services can be offered through the Retrofit Exchange, including: solar, insulation, heating/cooling systems, windows and more. Suffice it to say that the powerful combination of EnergyARM with the Retrofit Exchange is what the residential energy community and the unemployed construction industry has been waiting for.

We realize that there will be a significant amount of training and education involved to get everyone up-to-speed on how to use these robust online system tools and also to become energy professionals and/or specialists. In this regard we utilize the Accurate Rater Network (ARN), a nationally recognized and accredited training organization and its online training outlet:


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