Cardinal Farley Military Academy All Class Years Reunion

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Cardinal Farley Military Academy welcomes all Cadets & Faculty to our 2010 Alumni and Reunion Announcement notice and future events calendar. The select few that made the Academy their springboard to adulthood share a common bond few others in life have the opportunity to experience. Numerous Cardinal Farley Cadets have been reaching out in an attempt to keep in touch - to share information about any events, notices, personal and professional updates, and yes, even the sad news of our Classmates who pass over to another 'formation'. We are a dwindling group, but our enthusiasm remains as strong as the bonds that kept us together during our attendance.

Cadets from the beginnings of CFMA in the '40s & '50s have renewed contacts with graduates up through the '60s & '70s. The formation is coming together again on July 24th, 2010. All years, all classes, all faculty and staff - anyone and everyone that made the Academy what it was and what made us what we are today. Reaching out to each other keeps our bonds and friendships alive, keeps our memories strong and our reflections of those we followed even stronger. The current Corps of Cadets & Faculty will number more than 200+ 'active' members very soon.

Events such as the 1st "All Class Reunion" is happening on July 24th, 2010 at 5:00PM at the Sheraton Crossroads Hotel in Mahwah, NJ ( It's easy to attend and find out full details. There is no registration and there is no deadline for having your name added to the list. There is nothing but good times and laughs, tears, and some really good food & drink. This is a follow up gala to previous individual reunions & events held by numerous other Class years with the most recent one being at the Doral Arrowwood Hotel In Westchester County in February 2010. Notifications of these events are sent via email as well as CFMA news. Contacting us for more info. Future events are always in the planning stages. If your schedule conflicts for a current event, try for the next one. We want all Cadets back in 'formation'. Why miss out? Drop an email to the CFMA Planning Committee....its easy, its free and its helping to keep our Corps of Cadets still strong.

Requests for info on this and other events can be emailed to: (see Contact Info)

No Cadet, Faculty, or member of the Farley Family is too far away. Contact has been made with Cadets on 5 of the 7 continents! Yearbooks have survived, social networking sites abound and search engines remain our most viable avenues for research. But word of mouth and curiosity are still the best. So many are still many think they are many are wondering what happened to....? Don't be a part of the "Missing In Action".    

Rejoin your Squad, your Company, your Battalion and your Corps. Rejoin and rekindle the friendships that were forged. Since the closing and the demise of the campus in 1971, we only have each other to recall, reminisce, and reestablish with roommates & Classmates and to remember the “Academy Regulations” (little yellow booklet), marching off demerits on Saturday mornings, the tar buckets and white ducks, BRASSO, parade grounds, Reveille, Taps and marching in the St Patrick’s Day parade in NYC. The parade grounds, the buildings, the property itself may have fallen but the Spirit of the Corps lives on in us! Your curiosity cannot be denied. Your participation should not be denied either - reach out to us.

All Alumni, former Cadets, Irish Christian Brother Faculty members, Instructors, Coaches and Staff associates who are interested in attending any of the events or just want to contact us with an update of their contact information for future CFMA notices, please send your details to (see Contact Info)

Come join us to honor and celebrate and remember. The CFMA motto in Latin was “Viriliter Age” which translated means “Act Manfully”. It proved to be more than a motto for the Cadets - for all of us it changed our lives. Cardinal Farley Military Academy is the place where we entered as boys and left as men. We would like to hear from you - even if just to say that you are still part of the Squad, Company, Battalion and the Corps.

“Viriliter Age”

The Cardinal Farley Military Academy Alumni
The Cardinal Farley Military Academy Planning Committee

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