Landmark Osteoporosis Health Study Spurs Sales of All-Natural Bonexcin

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Third quarter sales of Vitaloix Labs' best-selling osteoporosis all-natural supplement, Bonexcin, are soaring on the heels of a breakthrough health study that was published by the Osteoporosis International in June.

Vitaloix Labs, the makers of one of the best -selling osteoporosis all-natural supplements, Bonexcin, are enjoying a surge in third quarter sales, following a milestone health study that was published by the Osteoporosis International in June. The health study shows some alarming numbers of what the scope is of Americans that suffer from osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a disease that causes the weakening of the bones over time, and that contributes to over a million bone fractures that are documented in the US annually.

An article that was recently published on Osteoporosis International offers some true insight as to how shockingly large the number of Americans in US that suffer from, or at are risk from, osteoporosis truly are. According the article, "America claims to have, more than 25 million citizens aged 50 and older that, suffer from osteoporosis or osteopenia. Osteoporosis is a disease, in which bones become fragile and more likely to break and osteopenia is a condition wherein, the bone mineral density is lower than normal, but not low enough to be considered osteoporosis. Moreover, amongst people aged 65 and more, 95 percent suffer from hip fractures due to falls. This can further accelerate, severe health problems like poor quality of life and premature death"

According to another related article that was published on, citing findings from the Osteoporosis International report, proteins and proper vitamin and mineral intake are crucial in the prevention and treatment of this disease. "The study probably recommends that, older women should consume at least 46 grams of protein per day, and that older men consume at least 56 grams of protein daily. The study was unable to determine, the type of protein consumed by its participants. Along with increase in dietary protein intake, regular exercise should be included. This will help to build stronger muscles and better balance. It will also enable other falls prevention strategies, such as reducing hazards in the home and can help protect seniors against falls and hip fractures."

As to the important role that proteins play in preventing and treating osteoporosis, as well as reducing incidents that are related, like bone fractures, the same article offers some real perspective. "Proteins are known as the building blocks of the body, and should be included in our daily diet, especially dietary protein. This dietary protein, which is an essential nutrient, comes from meat, dairy and certain grains and beans. According to a study, conducted by the Institute for Aging Research of Hebrew Senior Life in Boston, an affiliate of Harvard Medical School, senior citizens who have a higher level of dietary protein intake, may be less likely to suffer hip fractures, than those whose daily dietary protein intake is less."

Robert Fletcher, the spokesperson for Bonexcin, ascertains that it is groundbreaking studies like this one that really shed some light on why proper protein and vitamin intake is essential in treating this disease. He also offers some valid reasons as to why Bonexcin sales always skyrocket on the tailwinds of such eye-opening health studies.

"Bonexcin is just an amazing supplement that utilizes several different proprietary ingredients, vitamins, minerals and proteins--amongst many other ingredients--that have been shown to prevent low bone mass density (BMD), and effectively treat osteoporosis," Fletcher says.

But the supplement also is fortified with osteoporosis-combating ingredients that can actually help to create the formation of new bone, too.

"Bonexcin contains a myriad of recommended vitamins that effectively treat the symptoms of this disease," Fletcher explains. Further adding, "Our revolutionary supplement is also rich in Ipriflavone and provides an alternative to estrogen replacement therapy for treating low bone density or osteoporosis. In so many words: Bonexcin helps to generate osteogenesis (the formation of new bone)."

Bonexcin is an all-natural osteoporosis supplement that is taken by mouth, twice per day.

Most people report noticeable signs of improvement within one to three months of daily usage, when used as directed and combined with a proper diet and exercise.

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About Bonexcin:

  •     Developed by Vitaloix Labs--a leading nutraceutical company
  •     Rich in Ipriflavone: provides an alternative to estrogen replacement therapy for treating low bone density or osteoporosis; helps to generate osteogenesis; the formation of new bone
  •     Fortified in Calcium/Vitamin D; taking calcium combined with vitamin D is effective in reducing bone mineral density loss; calcium is also known to be a bone-building mineral, and the advantages of taking it long term assist in reversing bone loss
  •     Provides Phosphorus; phosphorus is critical to maintaining healthy bones, especially when combined with calcium supplements; both minerals are essential in building new bone mass
  •     Supplies Zinc; lower zinc intake and zinc serum levels are associated with lower Bone Mineral Density (BMD) in men and women; taking zinc in combination with copper, manganese, and calcium can slow bone loss in postmenopausal women
  •     100% safe, effective and all-natural
  •     Visit them online for generous discounts off retail pricing and to learn more at:
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