Top NLP Business Trainer Publishes Leading Edge eBook and DVD ‘A Useful Guide to NLP for Coaches’

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Top NLP Business Trainer and Coach, Michael Beale, has published a leading edge NLP Coaching eBook and DVD to improve your ability to coach both yourself and others using a unique coaching framework. Download free pdf extract of the eBook and watch extracts of the DVD on Youtube.

"I Thoroughly recommend Michael Beale of PPI Business NLP" Richard Bandler NLP co-creator

Many people are now using NLP Courses to achieve significant business and personal objectives as well as enjoying greater satisfaction in life. NLP is particularly useful for anyone leading and / or having to deal with influence, performance and change. It is also very valuable for anyone who wants to improve their relationship and connection with others.

NLP is an approach towards developing mental and physical strategies which combine aspects of behavioural psychology, linguistics, hypnosis, modelling and common sense. It’s about exploring attitudes and mindsets that lead to success, modelling top performers and integrating the results into your business and personal life.

Applications include leadership, performance coaching, consulting, and sales. In addition many of the worlds top athletes, entertainers and sports people use NLP approaches to access and maintain high performance states.

It is different from other related disciplines in that:

1) It is modelled from individuals who were experts at helping others change; it is not an abstract theory but a set of tools derived from practical experience.

2) It takes into account how we connect to the world through our sensory experience and how we store and change that experience through our minds and bodies.

3) It is highly effective at connecting conscious and unconscious resources, leading to individuals discovering their ‘untapped potential.’ NLP combines logical, sensory, emotional and intuitive thinking to enable clients to reach theirs goals more easily.

4)NLP is as much about ‘unlearning’ and ‘letting go’ of what we’ve previously learned that is now getting in our way, as having to learn a lot of new material.

The ‘A Useful Guide to NLP for Coaches’ eBook and DVD are unique in that they provide a pragmatic introduction to NLP and coaching and introduce and develop an eight step framework that can be used in all coaching situations.

1) Beginning Frame
The beginning frame is the establishment of the rules for the coaching session, expectations of the coach and client, boundaries and anything which the coach and client may define as an over-arching aspect of the relationship.

2) State
Ensuring that both you and your clients state is appropriate for coaching will make a huge difference to the goals you set and achieve and the personal resources that you can both call upon.

3) Outcome
Outcomes are about setting a direction that is big, highly motivating, and in line with values, rather than being a specific end result as in SMART objectives.

4) Rapport
Rapport is a state of honest, open communication between two or more people and is very important in honestly establishing the client’s current situation.

5) Current Strategy
Accurately admitting and understanding what you are actually doing now in relation to your goals is a key element in making any changes necessary to move further, faster.

6) Technique or Task
What will take you from where you are now to where you want to get to? The coach will have a number of tools and suggested tasks for helping a client fill in any internal and external resources required to achieve his or her outcome.

7) Future Pace
A future pace is an imagination exercise that develops a detailed connection between the coaching session and action in the real world. It is one of the key determining factors in achieving results.

8) End Frame
The end frame closes what was started in the beginning frame; it also allows the coach to reinforce the positive elements of the session and the coach and client to step back from the session and manage the longer term coaching relationship.

Extracts from the eBook and DVD can be downloaded, read and watched from:

NLP Coaching | A Useful Guide to NLP as a Coach

The investment for the ‘A Useful Guide to NLP for Coaches’ eBook is £9.95, the investment for the DVD is £19.95

About Michael Beale

Michael Beale is founder and director of PPI Business NLP Ltd and The Executive and Business Coaching Network (EBCN).

He has worked with many high-profile clients including: Abbey, ACCA, Accenture, Argos, Astra Zeneca, Bank of Scotland, Barclays, BAe, British Sugar, BP, BT, Burlington, Centrica, HBOS, Oracle, Zurich Insurance, the PM's strategy unit, the managements of local Government, Central Government, Health, Police and The Ambulance Service and leading consultancy and training companies across the UK and Europe.


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