Must-See Brain Test Predicts Election Results

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That’s the claim of a popular online test sent out by LaunchForce, a highly creative future-focused insights and innovation consultancy, known for crafting their own unique approach to innovation.

Just in time for Independence Day, LaunchForce has created a “Spinning Statue of Liberty” Brain Test to ask the viewer whether they see Miss Liberty rotating clockwise, counterclockwise or in both directions. Unlike other brain tests that suggest the answer means you are more “right-brained or left-brained,” Tim Coffey, CEO and Founder of LaunchForce says it can tell you how you will vote in the upcoming November elections.

“I’m saying if you see Miss Liberty spinning clockwise, perhaps you’re happy with things as they are, and will stand pat. But if you see her spinning counter-clockwise, you may vote for change.” And what if you can see her spinning in both directions? “That probably means you’re undecided at this time and are waiting to hear the right message,” says Coffey with a grin. “Either way, when you go to the polls, don’t go in with half a brain!”

This isn’t the first time LaunchForce has put their own “spin” on things. In their popular new book Innovation: Myths and Mythstakes (Paramount Market Publishing, Inc.), Coffey and co-author Mark Smith turn conventional wisdom about innovation upside down to provide new insights and practical guidance to help companies and individuals create landmark innovations that will stand the test of time.

The book, which is also available on Kindle, has gained so much popularity, it has become a global sensation. MacMillan Publishers, Ltd., one of the largest and best known international publishing groups in the world, has purchased the distribution rights and Innovation: Myths and Mythstakes will soon be translated into Hindi in Devanāgarī script for distribution India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh.

But back here in the U.S., LaunchForce is asking those who take the “Spinning Miss Liberty” Brain Test to take part in a tracking poll to see how closely the results will match up with those of the upcoming November elections.

Mark Smith, Executive Creative Director for LaunchForce says “Obviously, trying to fully compartmentalize mental activity by brain hemisphere is a mythstake, and we point that out in the book, but it is true that doing any kind of complex mental activity requires cooperation from both sides of the brain – and hopefully that includes voting!”

So is it “Miss Liberty” or “Myth Liberty?”

We’ll have to wait until November to know for sure. In the meantime, the fact that the LaunchForce Brain Test will continue to tabulate nationwide results and keep everyone posted, is a “no brainer.”

About LaunchForce:
LaunchForce delivers truly game-changing and timely innovation to many of today’s Fortune 500 companies by infusing imagination into everything they do.


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