Book Reviewers React Strongly to Christ Enlightened, The Lost Teachings of Jesus Unveiled, Both Positively and Negatively

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According to history, according to Steven S. Sadleir, our understanding of Christ's teachings is not only incomplete but completely inaccurate; according to Steven Christian history is being re-written.

Christ Enlightened

Steven's work is to be acknowledged as factual and in-depth's new release of Christ Enlightened, The Lost Teachings of Jesus Unveiled created strong reactions from book reviewers across sectarian lines. On the positive side: "Sometimes the truth will rock your world. This book does exactly that...", " a must read for any spiritual student" and "Steven's work is to be acknowledged as factual and in-depth", but also "An informative book, but comes to controversial conclusions." More negative comments include: "This book will challenge you", "you may be pushed away from your faith" and "just don't go there.". Bloggers comments include: "Finally, the Truth", "For the first time all the dots are connected" as well as "the book needs a lot of editing" (which it does, Amazon's editors didn't catch many basic errors).

Church reaction has also been mixed, with the scholars questioning some of the facts and conclusions but conceding the basic premise, while lay ministers getting angry and many declaring Sadleir's immanent relocation to Hell. "Many are grateful for being provided the missing pieces that tells a clearer picture, and many are full of fear and hate for me even writing the book" say Sadleir in response. The response to the book from the teleconferences about Christ Enlightened also indicate mixed responses from readers and listeners alike: from elation to disgust, the book invokes strong emotions and has been banned from several Christian distributors, bookstores and radio programs.

Sadleir, who's best-selling book Looking for God, A Seeker's Guide to Religious and Spiritual Paths of the World provided the initial impetus for the research, and claims that God inspired him and guided him to write Christ Enlightened. Sadleir is a Christian who is director of the Self Awareness Institute and host of Enlightenment Radio with students in over 120 countries. He is also recognized as a Master from lineages in India and uses his understanding of Eastern theology and enlightenment to lend insights into these first and second century codex's used by the Aramaic speaking Jewish Christians who lived in the Holy Land.

The premise of the book is that a whole genre of authentic Jewish-Christian gospels are re-telling the story of Christ and Christianity. Sadleir draws from historical facts drawn from the best scholars from the best universities deciphering hundreds of codex's from the Middle East, quoting Bart Ehrman, Elaine Pagels, Marvin Meyers, George Lamsa, Karen King, Rocco Errico, Richard Rebenstein, Philip S. Berg, Daniel Matt, Aryeh Kaplan any most of the world's best Biblical scholars. He focuses on the Aramaic Bible (Peshetta), the Dialog with the Savior, The Thunder Perfect Mind and the gospels of the Ebionites, the Hebrews, the Nazarenes, the Egyptians, and those of Thomas, Mary Magdalene, James and Philip to support his thesis. He explains the Merkabah, Kabbalah, the Lost Books, Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha, as well as the writing of the Apostolic Fathers, Church Fathers and Apologists to enable to support the facts of this revelation in history.

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