Time Travel In A Rowing Boat: Visit This Website for Inspiration On How To Turn Back The Clock On Aging

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Getting younger by having more fun! Inspiration on how rowing makes you healthy is found on the RowForHealth.com website where you'll see people making huge gains in fitness and weight loss while achieving personal health and lifestyle goals enjoying the beauty of local waterways.

Dave Stith rows with his dog Nikki and says he's never been more physically fit.

Whitehall Rowing and Sail has built for each of us a rowing boat that is a time capsule with which you can row your physique back in time...non-contact exercise is ideally suited for the aches and pains that have ever so slowly crept into our lives.

Have you heard how many companies claim to build time machines? Everyone from Ford motors to Carnival Cruise Lines are telling us that using their services somehow alters the effects of time! For them, it's a far-fetched marketing scheme. For Whitehall Rowing and Sail - it's a given.

The company sponsors a website to inform and inspire readers on the health benefits of rowing.

Dave Stith is a fifty-something retired mariner who recently took up open water rowing in his Whitehall Spirit® Solo 14â„¢. Dave says, "We've had such perfect weather… that it's become addictive to be out rowing for hours on end." He further adds, "The boat handles absolutely great in all kinds of sea conditions and especially with my Boarder Collie, Nikki, curled up on her cushion just forward of the slide-seat or standing look-out on the bow thwart. Her added weight (33 pounds) seems to trim the boat just right. I've always kept myself fit but thanks to your boat, I've never been more physically fit since I started rowing the Solo 14."

When Doctor Jonathan Degnan, an avid rower who is also a respected Orthopedic Surgeon and Sports Medicine specialist from Knoxville, Tennessee recently stated that our company, Whitehall Rowing and Sail, builds time capsules, we were pleased.

Said Dr. Degnan after recuperating from his own repetitive strain injuries and age-related joint problems "Whitehall Rowing and Sail has built for each of us a rowing boat that is a time capsule with which you can row your physique back in time. The physiology of non-contact aerobic exercise is ideally suited for the aches and pains that have ever so slowly crept into our lives, slowing us down."

A regular sight on the busy Tennessee River for several years now, Doctor Degnan's fitness regime has included daily rowing in his Whitehall Spirit® 14 classic rowing boat fitted with a sliding seat unit, hinged bronze outriggers and carbon fiber sculling oars. Here's what he advised from his recent Doc Side column on the RowForHealth website.

"Muscles give one's body tone and a youthful appearance while producing an increase in your basal metabolic rate. The resulting vitality requires energy, thus caloric expenditure, even while you are inactive. So lean people burn more calories while riding the same bus as their pudgy counterparts, which hardly seems fair but it's true."

http://www.rowforhealth.com is packed with information. You'll find Dr. Degnan's Doc Side column as well as features articles, videos, photos and letters from recreational rowers sharing their stories. You'll appreciate the book reviews on stories from adventure rowers who travel every body of water they can from the Nile in Egypt to the Arctic ice under their oar power alone.

The site also includes a forum where people can contribute their comments, share gains made through rowing and submit their own rowing experiences.

Let's take Dr. Degnan's advice "Therapy for physical problems usually starts with a goal so I am going to ask you to dig out that old shoebox of memories. In it find a flattering photo of yourself, sit down, close your eyes and take a trip...feel yourself in your old Chuck Taylors, and let's go!"

Find more information on the Whitehall Rowing and Sail line of time traveling classic boats at http:http://www.whitehallrow.com.

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