Creating a New Generation of Founding Fathers

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C2 Education, a leading national education services provider, is celebrating the Fourth of July by honoring some of the best and brightest of America’s students. “These students are our future,” says C2 co-founder David Kim, “and we pride ourselves in helping these students to become tomorrow’s leaders, a new generation of Founding Fathers.”

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We want to help our students to love learning simply for the sake of learning, to become open-minded and creative individuals with the capacity for innovation, and to learn the importance of community involvement and leadership.

Each school year, a new generation of students learns about this country’s Founding Fathers. They study Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and George Washington in order to learn about the principles that this country was built on. What many students fail to realize is that even now, two hundred some-odd years later, those men still represent an ideal that often gets lost in the rigors of traditional education. C2 Education, a premier education company, strives to right that wrong.

“We don’t simply want to help our students get a higher test score or a better grade,” says C2 co-founder David Kim. “We want to help our students to love learning simply for the sake of learning, to become open-minded and creative individuals with the capacity for innovation, and to learn the importance of community involvement and leadership. In short, our goal is to go beyond basic facts and figures in order to create well-rounded students with the potential to become the Founding Fathers of their generation.”

But how does C2 Education accomplish this goal? “In addition to utilizing holistic teaching methods that are designed to create a safe, challenging, and enjoyable learning environment,” Mr. Kim says, “we must also show students the values of innovation and creative thinking, and encourage students to develop leadership skills and get involved with their communities.”

Mr. Kim notes that C2 Education already has an impressive track record when it comes to community involvement. “Just last month we were issued a Proclamation from the Mayor of Jersey City in recognition of C2 students’ contributions to their communities,” he says. “We recognize that education doesn’t begin and end with a text book – education must be about more than simply imparting knowledge.” That is why each C2 educator encourages students to extend their learning beyond the classroom by participating in extracurricular activities, performing community service projects, and taking advantage of non-traditional education opportunities.

C2’s teaching methods, programs, and curricula also encourage innovation and creative thinking. “We make sure that we always act as a model of innovative thinking for our students,” Mr. Kim says. “We work to create unique curricula and we endeavor to constantly adapt to the ever-changing nature of education.” In fact, C2 Education is currently working to finalize a partnership with a leading online Advanced Placement course provider. As school budgets continue to shrink, school course offerings shrink as well, making it increasingly difficult for students to take AP courses. C2 Education will attempt to close the gap by offering an alternative way for students to take these classes.

In addition, C2’s innovative curriculum also focuses on developing the students’ creative and critical thinking skills. “For example,” Mr. Kim says, “this year we rolled out a summer writing program. These students were learning to write well, to write creatively, to form logical arguments, and to perform good research – and they were having fun doing it. For us, that is success. We aren’t just a test preparation company. Our students earn high test scores and good grades not because we pump information into them so that they can pass a test, but because we focus on creating well-rounded, highly educated students – and well-rounded, highly educated students get high test scores and good grades.”

C2’s results bear out this idea. As students begin reporting their 2010 SAT scores to C2, there seems to be more and more reason to celebrate. In April, a C2 student earned a perfect score on the ACT. Another student has earned a perfect score on the PSAT, the exam that determines finalists for the National Merit Scholarship. So far this year, 52 C2 students have received perfect 800s either on SAT Subject Tests or on individual sections of the SAT. Most impressive of all, one of C2’s students has already reported a perfect 2400 on their 2010 SAT. “One of our students in Stockbridge, Georgia has gotten a perfect score this year,” Mr. Kim says, “which is an absolutely amazing accomplishment! This is the first time that one of our Stockbridge students has gotten a perfect 2400. We are so proud of our student and the teachers and counselors who worked with her.” C2 Education’s graduating seniors have also given cause for celebration. 90% of C2’s college-bound seniors were accepted at their first or second choice school. Of those, nearly half were accepted at a top 25 school.

“We hope that all of our students continue to succeed long after they leave C2,” Mr. Kim says. “I carry with me the image of Thomas Jefferson, well into his 70s, reading with his grandchildren each evening. There was a man who was so enamored of education and the joys it could bring that even in his golden years he strived to offer the merits of his wisdom to the next generation. When I think of the term ‘life-long learner’, I think of Thomas Jefferson. It is my fondest hope that one day, our students will follow in his footsteps and form a new generation of intelligent, educated, innovative Founding Fathers.”

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