Topical Deodorant, Fluid Filtration System, Cheerleading Glove, Multidirectional Sun Visor and Clip-on Utensils Patented by Williamson Intellectual Property Law Clients

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Williamson Intellectual Property Law, LLC Announces New Patents Issued to Clients and Newly Published Patent Applications. Patents Include a Cross-flow Filtration System, an Automobile Sun Visor that Pivots in Three Directions, Plasticware Utensils that Clip to the Edge of a Plate, a Cheerleading Glove with Streamers and a Deodorant Composition using Shea Butter.

Williamson Intellectual Property Law, LLC announces recently issued patents of inventions of its clients issued by the United States Patent & Trademark Office for a pom-pom glove without fingertips and having streamers attached for cheerleading, plastic knives, forks and spoons that clip to a paper plate, a deodorant from natural components, a three direction pivoting sun visor, and a filtration system utilizing Dean flow.

Patent applications have also recently been published for a method of modifying the terms of a loan by determining organizational data and weighting the data based on input from an online community, a self-aligning and locking trailer hitch that may be originally or after market installed, a fluid separator based on kinetic energy of hot and cold fractions, a rechargeable zinc battery cell including separators and electrolyte, a shelling machine for peas, beans and other legumes, and a protective armor for dogs.

Recently Issued Patents

7,736,632 Topical Deodorant Composition, and Method of Its Manufacture and Use
7,727,394 System and Method of Fluid Filtration Utilizing Cross-Flow Currents
7,722,109 Multidirectional Auxiliary Sun Visor and Method of Use Thereof
7,716,842 Clip-On Utensils and Methods of Use Thereof
D615,729 Cheerleading Glove

Published Patent Applications

2010-0131311 A1 Method for Modifying the Terms of a Financial Instrument
2010-0117334 A1 Self-Locking, Universal Trailer Hitch and Method of Use Thereof
2010-0117332 A1 Self-Locking, Universal Trailer Hitch and Method of Use Thereof
2010-0101241 A1 Kinetic Energy Heat Pump
2010-0062347 A1 Rechargeable Zinc Cell with Longitudinally-Folded Separator
2010-0062342 A1 Polymer Membrane Utilized as a Separator in Rechargeable Zinc Cells
2010-0062327 A1 Non-Toxic Alkaline Electrolyte with Additives for Rechargeable Zinc Cells
2010-0062129 A1 Legume Sheller and Method of Use Thereof
2010-0043725 A1 Canine Protective Suit and Method of Use Thereof

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