Legendary Rapper Krs-One Produces Track For Greenie “Dissing” World Religions

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Executive Producer Krs-One's Artist Greenie Teaches That We Can Forgive Our Own Sins And Realize That We're "Already IN Heaven"

"I ain’t hearin’ you Father...You couldn’t know his plan...You created your God in the image of man…"

Is the world going to hell in a proverbial hand basket as more and more hip-hop fans download “Already In Heaven” – one of the new singles from the hit Krs-One / Greenie album “It’s All Good?” Indeed, the Church would like us to think so but clearly, that’s just how the Krs-One production team must have planned it. The song, featuring Krs-One’s apprentice denouncing world religions, is actually a cleverly-written New Age statement of our own internal powers to heal, to forgive ourselves, and to remember that heaven is not a destination---but rather, a place in which we already live.

Those who listen closely to the controversial rap hit will realize that Greenie (rhyming to a track by P. Diddy’s “Hitmen,” Sean C. & LV) is really only saying that religion borders on ridiculous while God is perfect love: (“God doesn’t care if we’re married or divorced/Marriage is human law, it ain’t got a divine source/Ducks mate for life and their commitment isn’t phony/but you ever seen a duck have a wedding ceremony? I said forget the marriage vows and I’m goin’ to heaven/I divorced my wife and I’m already IN heaven/I ain’t hearin’ you Father, you couldn’t know his plan/You created your God in the image of man…”)

Krs-One is no stranger to controversy but how his new apprentice, Greenie, will be able to handle the pandora’s box that is destined to be opened by media floodgates as “Already In Heaven” grows more popular, remains to be seen. The rest of the “It’s All Good” album is certainly an excellent display of Greenie’s articulate skills, intelligence, and “outside the box” angle---suggesting that he is as—if not more capable—than the Blastmaster at fielding public concerns intellectually. Perhaps that’s what bonded him and Krs-One together in the first place. After all, a penchant for socio-political controversy seems to be the only logical thing these two rap stars could logically have in common.

Greenie’s album touches on topics such as Internet spousal cheating, prenuptial agreements, and vasectomies while also attacking police, the U.S. government…and, as discuss here, religion---He does all of this very much like….yet also very differently from Krs-One---by putting his own genuine perspective on each issue--- reflected by his obviously different upbringing. The album’s success among White AND Black audiences, thus far, shows that perhaps Greenie and Krs know exactly what they’re doing…


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