Kitchen Tune-Up Offers Remodeling Tips That Won’t Harm the Planet

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Kitchen Tune-Up offers “Green” remodeling tips to homeowners.

Green, (er), (ing), v. the act of saving our planet, one little step at a time, by not squandering our precious resources. What a concept! Originally greening pertained to our outdoor environment, but the media has expanded the definition to include anything that is earth friendly. So, it’s time everyone has figured out how to jump on this popular bandwagon and do their part to preserve our ecosystem.

If homeowners truly yearn for a new kitchen, but have held off for fear that it will negatively impact the planet, consider cabinet refacing. This process reuses all of the existing cabinet boxes, which make up the bulk of the cabinet. Reflect for a moment on all of the trees that you will save. If homeowners are ready for an exciting new look for their kitchen and they’re happy with the location of the cabinets, refacing provides an attractive, inexpensive alternative to replacing them. Homeowners can have the look and feel of a new kitchen in three to five days. Replacement components come in easy-to-clean thermofoil which is a vinyl-like coating over recycled wood products. Real wood fronts in cherry, maple and oak are also available. With the addition of cabinet and drawer organizers, a kitchen can have all the new conveniences found in new cabinets. Homeowners can also proudly tell grandchildren that they contributed to the reduction of global warming (and saved money, too).

If homeowners want to change the layout of their kitchen then they must consider replacing the cabinets. However, don’t despair, there are ways to go green with new cabinets as well. Consider cabinets where the box is made out of “engineered wood”. Engineered wood is made up of recycled wood products. Although the doors and frames of the cabinets are made from solid wood, even some higher-end cabinet companies have started to offer medium density fiberboard (MDF) internal components to reduce cost and save our trees. MDF even offers some advantages over plywood. These include greater dimensional stability, (resistance to warpage), and better insular qualities. MDF is similar in manufacture to particleboard and high-density fiberboard, but it is made to much higher standards.

Frameless (or European) cabinets are another earth friendly alternative. These cabinets eliminate the face frame on the cabinet box and therefore reduce the material necessary to create the finished product. Although their cost is similar to framed cabinets, they can save another tree.

Even if homeowners are not ready to renovate, there are ways to make a kitchen greener. The easiest and least expensive way is to start recycling by installing a double garbage container system in one of your existing cabinets. When there is one bin devoted to garbage and another to cans, homeowners are much more likely to do their part and separate the trash.

What about all those appliances that have been around for 20 years? Chances are they’re eating up electricity or gas. Now is the time to update them with more energy efficient units. When buying a new appliance, buyers must consider three factors; the price, the cost of repairs and most importantly, the operating costs.

Today, all major home appliances must meet energy conservation standards set by the U.S. Department of Energy (and many appliances even beat the standard). Each new appliance comes with an energy guide cleverly called the EnergyGuide. This label compare the efficiency or annual energy use of competing brands and similar models. Look for the labels on dishwashers, refrigerator/freezers, stoves, clothes washers, air conditioners, etc. For further details about the Energy Guide go on to the Federal Trade Commission’s web site: pubs/homes/applnces.htm.

So, go ahead homeowners, have your cake and eat it too! Get a new kitchen and protect the planet. Generations that follow will always be indebted to you and you’ll sleep better knowing that you helped with the greening of America!

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