Why Renewable Energy Businesses Face Tough Realities

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It’s no secret that many renewable energy businesses are facing tough economic times, and toil hard to make even a slim profit. In response, Craig Shields, editor of 2GreenEnergy.com has recently published an 11-page report called "The Tough Realities of Renewable Energy Businesses - Why Investors and Entrepreneurs are Struggling to Profit in Clean Energy," which he offers free of charge to anyone wishing to sharpen his understanding of renewables from a business perspective.

“There is a partial vacuum of information that would help clean energy entrepreneurs and investors in their day-to-day quest to make sense of the issues that will directly affect the choices they make as businesspeople,” says Craig Shields, editor of http://2GreenEnergy.com. “I’m happy to provide my research, based on the literally hundreds of businesses I review each year in the clean energy space.”

The report, titled: The Tough Realities of Renewable Energy Businesses - Why Investors and Entrepreneurs are Struggling to Profit in Clean Energy," (and video) is available here for no cost:


While it’s true that the world’s attention is riveted on renewable energy, there are hundreds of mistakes that are easy for entrepreneurs and investors to make as they enter this space - and Shields’ report serves to focus attention on areas that are vital to business success, answering questions that are critically important:

  •     How can businesses find market position that offers protection from strong competitors?
  •     What can renewable energy businesses learn from the Fortune 25 as a bellwether for the market overall?
  •     How can the basics of marketing apply to products while grasping the totality of the market infrastructure that must be built?
  •     What businesses can (and can’t ) expect from Government?
  •     What can be presented that will be perceived as an attractive reward to investors, given the risk that they are taking?

The report includes the concept of “following the money,” encouraging readers to try their best to infer the directions of the Fortune 25.

A brief excerpt follows:

"Even though I’m not invited to the board meetings of General Electric and Siemens (and I’m guessing you’re not either), we can nonetheless pay attention to the obvious investment strategies that these giants are in the process of executing.

"For example, it’s clear to everyone that GE wants to rule the world as the Earth "goes green" over the coming few decades; there is not a single major green product or service line that GE is overlooking. From its Louisville, KY smart appliance plant, in which each product is fitted with a computer that communicates wirelessly to and from a programmable controller in the customer’s house, to its participation in Smart Grid, to its gearbox-less wind turbines, it’s quite clear what GE is doing as a long-term corporate strategy.

"So what should smart entrepreneurs infer from this, and what actions do they take accordingly? Probably many things. But let’s look at a couple of obvious points:

"A) Look askance at the claim that anyone is going to beat GE in a head-on-head competition, in favor of a plan that proposes to offer products or services that are complementary to the strategies of this behemoth.

"B) A company with the vision and strength of GE is extremely unlikely to make a serious mistake when it comes to a major market strategy. Trust a $157 billion company when it comes to making this prediction."

Shields concludes, “In the course of an average week, I’d say I review at least a half a dozen business plans. And it occurs to me that I’ve learned a few things from this process that I can share.”


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