New FarmVille Guidebook Details Tips and Strategies for the Popular Facebook App

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The new FarmVille guidebook "Millionaire Farmer Guide" features the little-known secrets, tips and tricks that any player can use to become one of the Facebook app's richest and most successful farmers.

FarmVille isn't like other games. You can't sit and play for hours at a time and expect to reach level 70 in a week or two. You have to wait -- and boy, do we hate waiting

Anyone with the FarmVille Facebook app looking to quickly and easily become a multi-millionaire farmer now have a new resource full of tips and strategies to do so, with the release of "Millionaire Farmer Guide." Created by a self-described FarmVille Geek, "Millionaire Farmer Guide" provides all the inside tips and strategies that any player can use to grow their farm and make extraordinary amounts of Farm Cash. "Millionaire Farmer Guide" is currently available for $27, a $20 discount off its normal price.

"FarmVille isn't like other games. You can't sit and play for hours at a time and expect to reach level 70 in a week or two. You have to wait -- and boy, do we hate waiting," says Troy Mitchell, author of "Millionaire Farmer Guide." "I created this guide to help any player more quickly level through FarmVille and reap the rewards and satisfaction that come from having a highly successful farm."

With more than 73 million users, FarmVille is the most popular application on Facebook. Players grow and harvest crops, raise animals and more to earn precious Farm Cash and level their farm. The author has reached level 70, the game’s highest level, on multiple FarmVille accounts, and as a result, has found many tricks, tips and strategies to find farming success. Through the many FarmVille accounts that he has played, he's found that successful farmers are streamlining their farming techniques, something that everyone could do if they just knew where to start.

"Millionaire Farmer Guide" includes many little-known secrets to a successful farm, including step-by-step details on starting a farm in record speed and data on every animal, building, crop, decoration, tree, XP and vehicle in the game, from level 1 to level 70. The guide also highlights the exact crops farmers need to be growing, tips to pick up new neighbors and the scoop on ribbons and why a farmer should aim to get as many as possible.

Other little known FarmVille tips include information on how to get and keep FarmVille coins without throwing them away on needless upgrades and where and how best to spend that precious Farm Cash. Also detailed are tips on how to get a blue ribbon with less than 10,000 coins, resulting in more than 2,000 easy XP and secret strategies on how to speed up everything in the game with one incredibly simple trick. "Millionaire Farmer Guide" also details the author's favorite leveling tips as well as the fastest and easiest ways to get the fuel, storage upgrades and ribbons needed to level fast.

One of the first FarmVille leveling guides to hit the market, "Millionaire Farmer Guide" is constantly updated to include new strategies that make the leveling process more improved than before.


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