Top Gun Fighter Pilots Now Teaching How They Learned to Stay Alive in Iraq and Afghanistan to Wall Street Investors

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Top Gun Options launched only four days ago and already has over 5,000 subscribers. Free course being offered- ONE DAY ONLY.

“Wall Street is just as risky as being a fighter pilot over hostile territory. Trading is combat."

Top Gun Options launched only four days ago and already has over 5,000 subscribers. Free course being offered- ONE DAY ONLY.

As you will read below, Top Gun Options has created an incredible course that shows you the basis of how these fighter pilots potentially make huge returns on options trading. The course is called Options Indoc training, and you can get it for free by visiting By the time you've finished The Option Indoc Training, you'll understand the basis of how this team of ex-Navy pilots have used their combat-tested methods to make huge financial returns on Wall Street while continuously minimizing risk. Again, visit to take advantage of this unparalleled training system.

E. Matthew “Whiz” Buckley is a former navy fighter pilot and graduate of the Navy Fighter Weapons School, better known as TOP GUN. He flew 44 combat sorties over Iraq. Lieutenant Buckley was a successful fighter pilot in one of the most hostile environments imaginable- air to air combat in Iraq. In a recent interview, Buckley stated the unthinkable- “Wall Street is just as risky as being a fighter pilot over hostile territory.” Buckley continues, “Trading is combat. It’s not a game, it’s not gambling, and it’s certainly not friendly. In combat, as in trading, there’s a winner, there’s a loser, and you know what side we’re gonna be on. In these incredibly volatile markets, one mistake, one wrong squeeze of the trigger, you can get wiped out.”

So what brought Buckley, a decorated fighter pilot who risked his life for his country to this conclusion? While on active duty early on in his fighter pilot career, Buckley taught himself how to trade options. Due to a lack of financial education at the time, he had to teach himself. By applying what he was learning in combat situations over the years to his financial training, he was able to knock down oversized gains in the markets, no matter how volatile the market was.

Seeing the parallel between being a fighter pilot and trading on Wall Street, Buckley was intrigued. He left active duty and continued to fly Hornets in the reserves, which afforded him the opportunity to head to Wall Street, where he was a Managing Director at one of the largest volatility arbitrage options trading firms in the country. After that, he was a founder and CEO of an options and futures media company based in the Chicago Board of Trade. Buckley’s financial media company experienced explosive growth in its first year by providing first-rate options and futures content to all levels of traders. According to Buckley, “By employing the discipline, risk management, and superior execution methodologies we learned flying fighters, we’ve been able to crush it on Wall Street.”

In 2009, Buckley joined the Options University as their Chief Strategy Officer. The Options University is a leading global resource for options trading and education, teaching investors option strategies for safer investing and bigger profits. Founded in 2004, the educational company teaches investors how to enhance portfolio profits and limit risk in today's markets using options. Buckley has a great passion for teaching others about the benefits of options. When asked why he decided to join the Options University, Buckley stated, “Fifteen years ago, I had to look hard to find any kind of options education. As a young pilot, I had to teach myself with boring, confusing books. Today, the Options University serves as the flagship for options education of all levels. Whether you don’t know what an option is, or you’re an advanced options trader, the Options University has world-class content and practical applications to take your trading to the next level.”

TOP GUN OPTIONS is a joint venture between Options University and Fox3 Options LLC, a financial firm built by TOP GUN trained naval aviators turned Wall Street options traders. They have taken the skills that allowed them to operate effectively in combat and applied the discipline and risk management methodologies to become highly successful traders. This aggressive, no holds barred atmosphere is why the TOP GUN OPTIONS program will be one of the most exclusive and successful financial training programs in the market today.

According to Buckley, “In these incredibly volatile markets, one mistake, one wrong squeeze of the trigger, can get you wiped out…At TOP GUN OPTIONS, we know combat. We know what it takes to plan and execute complex tactics and manage risk in the most hostile environments. These same traits also put us at the tip of the spear on Wall Street trading in the markets.”

So how is being a trader equally as risky as being a fighter pilot in combat? According to Buckley, “Believe it or not, fighter pilots are not risk takers- we look to minimize all risks. And this is exactly what options do- they allow you to minimize risk.” When asked why he is so passionate about teaching others how to trade options, Buckley responded, “It breaks my heart when the market takes a huge downturn and you see the average investor who lost everything and got hammered by the market. People need to learn to manage risk. You can’t win if you’re losing. You need to focus on winning but also living to fight another day. This is what I learned as a fighter pilot. Fighter pilots are Type A like traders- if we’re going to get killed on a mission, it’s going to be that one in a million shot, that unforeseen event we simply could not have planned for. We plan for worst case scenarios, just as we do as fighter pilots. Most traders don’t have contingency plans for a worst case scenario, or even a basic trading plan to begin with- and this is the equivalent of me getting in my jet and flying over Iraq without a plan- it’s a suicide mission.”

Buckley and TOP GUN OPTIONS takes combat tested training systems and applies them to learning options. This is the same system that can take someone who has never seen an aircraft before and turn them into a steely eyed fighter pilot in the shortest time possible.

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