DFI invests in RS CityLiner® for diversification and global expansion.

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Since 1966, DFI Corporation has supplied the oilfield construction industry with first-class pile-driving, pile supply and trucking services. As the core business for DFI, oil and gas have provided the company with significant growth and success; however, the seasonal nature of the oil and gas industry means that projects are not balanced throughout the year.

“For the past few years we’ve wanted to diversify,” said Sean Freeland, general manager of DFI. “When the oil business is good, it’s very good. But we needed more consistency, the ability to expand into a business that is outside of oil and gas – also one that is of an opposing season so that we can blend crews and maximize work-hours throughout the year.”

“One of my employees brought to my attention cured-in-place pipe [CIPP] for the repair of mainline sewer pipes,” continued Freeland. “While this work happens all year, it is more common to reline pipes in the spring and summer seasons, while oil and gas work typically happens in the fall and winter. So we quickly realized that CIPP was a perfect complement to our existing business model. We also realized that it was not only something that would satisfy our immediate business goals, but also allow DFI to grow geographically. The possibility of enhancing our expansion into the United States and beyond was very appealing to us. By reducing our vulnerability to local recessions and other economic concerns, CIPP provides us a certain security.”

Once the decision to diversify into CIPP had been made, DFI’s management had to determine the most effective way to enter this market. After thorough research into the CIPP industry, DFI chose RS Technik who offers the RS CityLiner® system for mainline rehabilitation and repair. “We looked at everybody before deciding to go with RS Technik,” Freeland said. “We wanted to make sure that whoever we lined up with was the best – first rate. Our internal research team presented me with many reports which I checked up on, and RS Technik was the clear leader. They were the most advanced in terms of research and development, and they had proven their systems in Europe and other areas around the world for more than fifteen years. It was a no brainer.”

RS Technik, headquartered in Switzerland and represented in the Americas by RS Lining Systems, based in North Carolina, offers the only fully-automated, mobile CIPP system available in North America. When it comes to “find and fix”, emergency work and multiple mobilizations common in maintenance contracts, the RS CityLiner systems provide unparalleled logistical advantages including the ability to prepare, impregnate and install DOW™ formulated epoxy liners right on the job site, enabling rapid response to needed repairs.

RS Technik’s Joanne Hughes further explains. “Our exclusive, on-board computerized feature allows full visibility to project inspectors from wet-out through installation. In spite of ever-changing environmental conditions, our automated systems ensure that jobs are done right the first time. This high level of quality control results in repeatable success, saving both time and money.”

When asked which key features of the RS CityLiner system were superior to the competition, DFI’s Freeland offered two: “The number one feature that comes to mind is that the RS CityLiner system only uses DOW™ formulated styrene-free epoxy resins,” he explained. “The fact that the system is environmentally friendly is a huge benefit to us. The other main reason we went with the RS CityLiner system is the mobile nature of the unit, and the fact that everything we need – equipment, materials, even the wet-out function – is right onboard. The fact that we can go wherever we want on a moment’s notice is critical. In fact, the former way of CIPP installations now seems archaic to me.”

Aside from the styrene-free resins and mobility of the system, Freeland explained that he invested in the RS CityLiner system because it was clear to see where RS Technik is headed. “They are extremely progressive,” he explained. “They aren’t sitting on their hands. They are continually working on different styles of liners, equipment and technology developments that will improve and expand the system solutions even more. Also, their training is comprehensive and first-class.”

In a recent visit to Europe, Freeland and his team experienced comprehensive, in-the-field training. “It was extremely hands-on,” he explained. “We saw several job sites, all with different conditions. We left with a clear idea of what to expect, and what’s expected of us in order to be effective in the field and delivery quality work for our customers.”

With a desire to be a full-service provider as quickly as possible, Freeland is also considering the MaxLiner system which will fulfill his need to offer lateral CIPP repair services, as well. “I want to be the one-stop shop,” Freeland explained. “Including CIPP into our service offering is load-leveling. We will now have consistent business throughout the year, and with RS Technik’s support, we believe we can be the first-responder, no matter where in the world the business leads us.”

“We’re more than a customer to RS Technik, we are their partner,” Freeland continued. “More than anything, I want to prove to our customers that through our partnership with RS Technik, we will do installations that consistently meet their expectations and high level of standards.”

For more information on RS Technik’s RS CityLiner or MaxLiner systems, please visit http://www.rstechnik.com or call (919) 481-1977.

For more information on DFI Corporation please visit http://www.dfi.ca or call (877) 334-7453.

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