New Blog Rides the Upsurge in Real Shaving

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Across the world men are deserting their fancy multi-bladed razors in favour of the old fashioned double edged safety razor. This phenomenon is driven by the spread of information on the internet, the ever increasing cost of multi-bladed system razors and the superiority of real shaving as an experience. Bruce on Shaving is your guide to this social movement.

Real shaving involves using a traditional, double edged safety razor as patented by Gillette in 1904, along with a lather generated by a brush, using soap or shaving cream. And it is rapidly growing in popularity as new generations of men are discovering that it is, quite simply, the best way to shave. Bruce On Shaving is a new blog that reports on this movement.

Real shaving converts a tedious chore into an enjoyable daily event using luxury products, yet which costs far less per shave. This is because the shaver has the choice of many different manufacturers and suppliers for the four elements of the shave: the razor, the blade, the brush and finally the soap or cream.

The economy comes from using blades that cost a tenth of the price of the multibladed cartridges of the system razors. And from giving up gel and foam aerosols, which are mainly water, in favour of luxury lathers applied by brush, which are a far superior method, yet are far cheaper to use.

The driver behind the real shaving movement is the internet, people trade information on forums and blogs, tutorial videos are popular on YouTube and online retailers supply a huge range of goods that are simply not available at bricks and mortar shops. Bruce On Shaving is a timely addition to the resources available to help men make the move to this better way to shave.

Bruce Everiss is the author of the Bruceongames blog, about the video games industry, which has over 700 articles and grew to 100,000 visitors a month. Now he has turned his attention to real shaving: "These are exciting times as so many men are discovering that there is a far better way to shave. I am trying to provide lots of key information and news in a way that is easily understood and which conveys the joy that can be discovered in this simple daily event."


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