Cleveland Inventor: From Rags to Riches -- He Made It, and He’s Staying

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With high unemployment rates, corrupt government officials and most recently, ‘The Decision,’ it may be nice for Clevelanders to hear a local success story. Local inventor, Andrew Sokol, went from rags to riches starting in a Cleveland basement. No 'Decision' here, he runs his lucrative company from the same city he started in.

“Be careful what you wish for; you just might get it,” jokes Andrew Sokol, Cleveland native and inventor of the world’s #1 selling retail scratch repair product according to Smart Business News. The Pro Pen™ is sold worldwide as the Fix-it™ Pro Pen™ under the SIMONIZ® brand. You may have seen Billy Mays showcasing it in one of his commercials. Despite the worst economic times since the Great Depression, Sokol proves that the American dream is still alive, even in Cleveland.

With high unemployment rates, corrupt government officials and most recently, ‘The Decision,’ it may be nice for Clevelanders to hear a local success story. Sokol conceived and developed the Pro Pen™ in a basement in North Olmsted. He still runs his lucrative company, ProTech Polymer Products, Ltd., from North Olmsted. “When people learn that they’re talking to the guy who invented the car scratch pen, the first thing they ask is: ‘Does it really work?’ or ‘What’s in it?’ Believe it or not I tell them.” Sokol smiles and talks on, “The look on their faces is great and their responses are even better, ‘That’s so simple,’ or ‘That makes so much sense,’ often they get quiet as if they’re thinking of an invention of their own. When they hear my rags to riches story, they leave with a smile. I like to think that my story gives people some hope. That, if it could happen to me, it could happen to them.”

“Once I had the product,” Sokol said, “I had to overcome the next hurdle: Now what? I had to find a company that already had the connections.” How did you get involved with SIMONIZ®? “I went to an automotive trade show in Las Vegas and walked into their exhibit. These companies have a lot of loony inventors hit them up with all sorts of the wild ideas. At the words ‘Hi, I’m an inventor,’ the guy’s eyes glazed over and I knew I had to gain his attention fast. I showed him a demo video clip from my phone. He went from glazed eyed to drop jawed in less than a minute.”

That trade show was in November, and by the end of the following February SIMONIZ® purchased some 75,000 Pro Pens™. Using their distribution contacts, Sokol was able to go international by the end of that year. “We don’t have anything on paper, Sokol continues, “our whole deal is on a handshake. That’s remarkable when you consider this is a 30 million dollar product and the whole deal is based on a handshake. In today’s world of business, that’s unheard of.”

That strategic partnership resulted in a bottom line that has shown triple digit growth during these hard times, according to Sokol. What’s next you may ask? The Pro Pen™ will soon be carried in Walmarts across the world, says Sokol. The product can also be found at CVS, Wallgreen’s, O’Reiley’s, Auto Zone, Pep Boys and most retail outlets worldwide.

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