Announcing The Golf Swing Speed Challenge

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Sports Scientist, Alex Gairdner developed The Golf Swing Speed Challenge program so he would increase his swing speed to hit the golf ball further. Alex improved his golf swing speed by a staggering 20.2 mph in just 56 days by following this program. Then this program was tested on golfers worldwide, with every golfer completing the program increasing their golf swing speed and hitting the ball longer. This specialized program has now been released so the general golfing public can also hit longer drives and enjoy playing golf more.

Alex Gairdener - BSc(Hons) Physio, Acup. ACP, BSc(Hons) SpSc has used his extensive knowledge of the human body to develop a specialized program to help golfers increase their golf swing speed. This new program is called The Golf Swing Speed Challenge (

Gairdner, who averaged a 93.8 mph swing speed, tested this program on himself, gaining a staggering 20.2 mph in golf swing speed in just 56 days. He then tested this program on golfers worldwide with very impressive results. In fact, every single golfer that completed the challenge increased their golf swing speed and consequently hit longer drives.

“If a golfer gets stronger, more flexible and quicker their golf swing speed will improve, resulting in longer drives. Plus they will hit the ball more accurately because they will be more in control of their golf swing.” Gairdner said.

Studies and tests have shown that increasing golf swing speed helps golfers to hit longer drives, because for every 1 mph of increased clubhead speed it results in an extra 2.2 yards in distance gained.

“I set about creating a program that I could do in the 20 minutes or so I have free each day that would help me hit the ball further. The exercises are arranged in a very specialized order to give the golfer the biggest improvement for the small amount of time they're spending doing the program. After worldwide testing where every golfer who completed this program increased their swing speed it is now available to the general golf public so they too can enjoy longer drives.”

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