Why People Worry About LeBron James And Lindsay Lohan They’re Forgetting More Important Things, Like Getting Divorced Being Contagious

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Amsterdam, the Netherlands – While people are more concerned about the lives of LeBron James and Lindsay Lohan than about how to keep a relationship, the latest research shows they need to re-evaluate their priorities. http://www.win-with-women.com

American scientists have discovered something that may make the latest LeBron and Lohan news pale in comparison. They've found that getting a divorce is contagious: people who have friends or family members that are getting divorced have a 75% chance of getting divorced themselves.

The scientists came to this conclusion last week after research done on 12.000 American families across more than 60 years. When someone people are closely related with divorces their significant other, the risk that people’s own relationship fails increases to 75 percent.

Dating coach for men Dennis Miedema claims to know why so many relationships are failing:

“While most people are concerned about the bad decisions made by LeBron James and Lindsay Lohan, they need to be concerned about their relationships. Most relationships fail because of one reason and it’s that men feel like they have “arrived” as soon as they’re in a relationship with a woman. They don’t know how to keep a relationship and they stop creating attraction. If men everywhere don’t become aware of this the attraction a woman feels towards them becomes less and less and ultimately disappears. That’s when relationships are ended and divorces happen.”

As proof, Dennis Miedema asks men in a relationship everywhere to consider the following:

“When men meet a woman they’re interested in, they always do their very best to impress her. In short: they want to get her so they bring everything they got to the table. This can include talking to her for hours, trying to make her laugh as much as possible, buying her flowers or candy, taking her to a fancy restaurant, being perfectly groomed, wearing the latest and greatest fashion and so on.”

He continues: “But the moment men actually get a woman? They start to slow down. Men think they already have a woman so they don’t have to put in much effort to create attraction because they think there’s enough attraction. They’re a little less romantic, a little less talkative, a little less shaven and a little less fashion-minded with each week that goes by. That’s not how to keep a relationship.”

Dennis Miedema then describes what happens next:

“Guys shouldn’t be mindless zombies watching the latest sports news around LeBron James while their girlfriends and wives are craving attention. Women will start to feel neglected and think that men were not who they say they were. Women get disappointed and conclude that men only tried to be what they wanted them to be instead of being themselves. The result? Women feel manipulated deep down and at that point creating attraction becomes almost impossible for men. At that point it’s already too late for any man to keep his relationship.”

He may have a point there, because what the researchers found also suggested that even the divorce of a friend’s friend has an impact on people’s relationship: their divorce increases the risk of people’s own relationship failing to 33%.

Dennis goes on to say: “The only way to keep a relationship and to keep a relationship interesting is for men to realize that there is no such thing as enough attraction. Men are not there yet when they’re in a relationship. Keeping it is hard work, like it or not. Guys need to continue to create attraction when they’re in a relationship, maybe even more than when they’re not in a relationship!

He concludes: “Men need to think about the 75% chance that their relationships and marriages fail. They need to remember this next time they would rather spend time thinking about the petty decisions of celebrities like LeBron James or Lindsay Lohan than on thinking about creating attraction and how to keep a relationship.”

Dennis Miedema is the creator of the Simple Inner Game System about creating attraction and a trusted authority on dating advice for men. During the last 2 years, he has helped 603 men approach 10.854 women, get 2.713 phone numbers, and go on 904 dates. If not more.

Dennis has been recognized by the Seduction Syndicate (an association for dating coaches) and several dating experts across the globe (including Debra Berndt, America’s Love Expert) for giving top notch quality dating advice for men from a unique perspective.

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