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Email is one of the greatest thieves of time in the modern age and The Electronic Ark by Andy Habermacher is a book on effectively managing email and time. The author states that he believes that almost all companies can boost efficiency by 33.4% - and more often than not by a lot more.

Andy Habermacher, author "The Electronic Ark"

The Electronic Ark is the perfect solution to getting your email under control and boosting efficiency in business.

ctp announces that Andy Habermacher, CEO, has released a book, The Electronic Ark, which focuses on effective use of email and time to massively boost efficiency in business but also in private life. The Electronic Ark is available through the book trade through the amazon platform and is also available in a full range of electronic formats including an iPad version due out beginning of August.

Andy Habermacher notes that email has become communication tool number one in business yet there has been little formalized training and email processing consumes a huge amount of time. "In The Electronic Ark we look at the huge impact, time wasted, inefficiencies, and conflicts that occur because of bad email and time management but also because of bad communication," says Andy Habermacher. If he is right business can stand to save up to 400-600hrs per person a year. "The amount of waste in large corporations as well as small businesses is simple staggering," he notes.

This may sound like an exaggerated claim but this is fully supported by various studies that show that huge amounts of emails are received and that most emails have very little relevance to the receiver. On top of the simple processing time we need to add the concept of change-over time, the time it takes to switch tasks, and studies have shown this to be surprisingly high. On top of this studies have also shown that distractions through electronic devices not only reduce efficiency but also dramatically lower IQ scores. The modern workplace is loaded down with electronic messaging devices and though individually, when used correctly, these can be very useful when used incorrectly they consume huge amounts of time, pull workers away from key tasks and decrease intelligence.

The implications are more than just efficiency, notes Andy Habermacher, the relevance is also in health, in work / life balance and in having a satisfying and productive day at work and being able to free up enough time to life a fulfilling and interesting life.

The Electronic Ark is an easy to read book designed to be read in a short haul flight. "I wanted a book that could get to the heart of the matter, give useful advice and enable readers to immediately implement the techniques without taking more time than needed for the reader," Andy Habermacher noted. Andy Habermacher is CEO of ctp a corporate training company based in Zurich, Switzerland, where they also offer a full-day training course of the same name focused on improving efficiency. The book was developed from observations of problems in multitudes of business large and small and a realization that the issues are not begin approached.

Additionally Andy Habermacher is Managing Director of NeuroBusiness Group, Switzerland, which focuses on brain-based strategies in coaching and training. "My knowledge of brain science also fully supports the information in the book. Our brains are simply very bad at multitasking and being distracted. Focused work can reap many benefits for people individually and for businesses of all sizes," Andy Habermacher adds.

These skills are particularly relevant in challenging times and when workloads are increasing and personnel decreasing.

The Electronic Ark can be ordered at amazon.com / amazon.de /amazon.co.uk and electronically at smashwords.com.

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