Biblical Author Reveals the Dreadful Mistake God's Most Magnificent Angel Made

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Leslie Michael encourages people to wonder why an omnipotent God with the power to completely eradicate evil – didn't. Beginning before the Creation, the book “The Angel with a Broken Heart,” highlights Lucifer's error, why God did nothing about it and the dire consequences that effect us all. It then goes on to provide dramatic new information about Lucifer's role in the Bible.

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Someone once asked me why God created the Garden of Eden then allowed evil to enter it?

Leslie Michael, a practicing Roman Catholic, in his book “The Angel with a Broken Heart” begins by recounting Lucifer's most terrible mistake and the dire consequences for all of us. The story demonstrates why God allowed evil by first depicting the Heavenly drama that preceded Creation then goes on to parallel the Old Testament – but from Lucifer's perspective. It also points out the ultimate consequences of Lucifer's terrible mistake.

The story is detailed and multi-faceted, drawn from the authors' many years of Biblical research of ancient sources. “It fills in important details that, until now, have been frustratingly and maddeningly missing from the Bible,” says Leslie, “Lucifer is always watching, always an obstacle to God's plans, yet God has the power to destroy him. So why doesn't He?”

“The Bible,” claims Leslie, “is irritatingly elusive on this point,” and hopes his book might help understand God and His reasoning in new ways. Leslie goes on to say, “Someone once asked me why God created the Garden of Eden then allowed evil to enter it, dwell there and mingle with His most noble of creations: Adam and Eve?” Leslie believes it was because God wanted us to obey Him out of love and not fear. That is why He gave us a free will to choose between good and evil. (See the interview with Leslie)

Well written, the book begins before the Bible detailing how evil first began, then tells of the events leading up to Creation, then goes on to parallel the Old Testament but with keen new insights. Included with each story are fabulous full-page Biblical engravings.

Leslie spent three years intensely studying to add to his already extensive Biblical knowledge so as to accurately portray this missing Biblical perspective. The result is a well written, plausible account that explains what Lucifer's dreadful mistake was, why God allowed it, and the consequences for Lucifer, the good Angels and ourselves. The story also demonstrates why those who perpetuate evil ultimately pay a heavy price.

The book is written in a non-confrontational manner and is as accessible to Biblical scholars as it is for the anyone interested in furthering their understanding that it was the loyal and loving angelic hosts who fought for God, defeated Lucifer in the battle for Heaven and cast him into hell below. Likewise, Leslie believes, it is now up to us to imitate those loyal angels and fight for God to defeat Satan here on Earth.

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"The Angel with a Broken Heart" is published by The Great Little Publishing Company.

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