You Can Die on 2012 Or... You Can Die Now, Laughing At MyLifeIs2012's Apocalyptic Humor

Share Article is a new website that allows users to submit informative and humorous anecdotes pertaining to the political, spiritual and sociological events that lead up to the year 2012.

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RSS uses humor to lighten the New World Order experience. begins its instinctual mission to counteract the emotional, spiritual and psychological trauma many experience when confronted with the year, 2012. a place to submit, vote and view informative and humorous 2012 related anecdotes; which are driven by the political, social and spiritual events that lead up to the year, 2012. The acronym, MLI2012 is used to emphasize the radically eerie moments in daily life which seem to be directly affected by the Mayan calendar.

Briefly put, is a blog that strongly encourages users to submit anecdotes that describe how various political or social events that lead up to 2012 impact their daily lives.

Visitors must simply click the “submit” button at the top of the MLI2012 website to send in a story. The story must begin with “So...” and end in 'MLI2012' -- 'My Life is 2012'. The site collects all submissions, which have a 300 character limit (about 70 words), reviews and publishes the ones that made the cut. Visitors can immediately check the homepage to view their story.

Users who submit content are able to choose from an array of interesting categories: 11:11, Akashic Records, Ascension, Astral Projection, Law of Attraction, Martial Law, Manifestation,Mayans, Media/Entertainment, NWO, OOBE, Politics, Sacred Geometry, Time & Space and Zombies.

A popular category is Survival FAIL; which is compiled of numerous anecdotes in which individuals failed to meet 2012 “survivalist” standards.

When a new story is submitted, the community can vote (thumbs up or thumbs down) on whether the new story has 2012 relevance or not. Readers can simply click the “2012 Approved!” button to vote “thumbs up” or “2012 FAIL” button to vote thumbs down.

Here are 3 sample submissions:

“So...NO one will ever top my 2012 themed wedding!!! The guests will get MRE meals & survivalist pamphlets in their goodie bags! I just found punch bowls with bio-hazard and toxic waste written on them....Our cake? A crumbling World Trade Center....its going to be unforgettable! MLI2012”

“So...I was explaining to my husband how human consciousness has a huge power...he said “I know, I didn’t think I was gonna finish that whole burrito and I did”. MLI2012”

“So...I just made my boyfriend watch 8 full hours of (conspiracy theorist) Alex Jones’ movies. My guy was texting the whole time! He went to the bathroom & I peaked at the “sent messages” on his phone. He'd sent one to a mutual friend saying "I'm gonna take a dump-then leave crazy bitch's place. Call me in 5". MLI2012”

As the calendar moves closer to the enigmatic year of 2012; disharmony, chaos, widespread hysteria and paranoia will move in even closer. This is a psychologically and emotionally crippling time for our generation to live in.

The founder of asserts "that we seem to be individual forces...but, we are actually are brought together by similar experiences and idiosyncrasies. These experiences are valuable “tools” that help us to make contributions to the holistic wellness of the community. Therefore, each of our experiences are not trivial, but integral pieces to a grand puzzle that can only be brought together through the unified realization that we are all “one”. " is not to be confused as a sort of “fear mongering” website on the internet. is the complete opposite. The goal is to become somewhat of a “trash bin” for fears and uncertainties relating to doomsday. founder explains: "Fear does horrible things to the mind and body. It disables you emotionally, mentally and physically." strives to provide the precious gift of laughter (by illustrating the human experience as a whole). The creator of believes the website "will inspire others to continue the brave fight of evolution. Aside from the physiological strain and psychological damage the hype of 2012 has brought upon us; it is indeed possible to dissolve the ample waves of 2012 anxiety and allow it to flow freely, into the “matrix”, where it so belongs". Some believe it will be the end of times, others believe 2012 will bring forth new beginnings. Where do you stand?

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Ashley K. Jordan 26; attended the prestigious Loyola University Chicago (LUC) and completed her studies at North Park University (NPU) where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology.


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