JD Supra and LinkedIn Launch ‘Legal Updates’ to Create World’s Largest Legal Content Distribution Network

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Users See App as a Game-Changer for Professionals on LinkedIn

JD Supra today announced that LinkedIn, the premiere social networking platform used by more than 70 million professionals, has added JD Supra’s Legal Updates (http://bit.ly/c8JRjh) to its exclusive list of (now) sixteen Intelligent Applications (InApps), which also include Reading List by Amazon and Presentation by Google.

Powered by JD Supra content—articles and analysis published by legal professionals around the world—Legal Updates distributes a feed of expert commentary and guidance as well as legal news tailored to the professional interests of LinkedIn members. Currently, Legal Updates is the only application for distribution of professional legal content and information available on LinkedIn. It is free to LinkedIn members and available immediately.

The Legal Updates app will be the subject of an online demonstration led by JD Supra founder Aviva Cuyler, on July 22, 2010, at 1:00 p.m. ET/10:00 a.m. PT. Ms. Cuyler and co-founder Adrian Lurssen will demonstrate the application’s more powerful features, including customized legal feeds on LinkedIn and the ability for users to recommend JD Supra documents to their LinkedIn contacts as well as sync their JD Supra and LinkedIn profiles.

Webinar registration: http://bit.ly/9NOeuL.

Benefits of JD Supra's Legal Updates Application on LinkedIn

  • JD Supra’s Legal Updates application empowers legal professionals to communicate their expertise not only to their own list of LinkedIn contacts but beyond to LinkedIn’s entire network of 70 million professionals across a range of fields, including Insurance, Banking, Tech, Real Estate, HR, and more.
  • With JD Supra’s Legal Updates application, LinkedIn’s 70 million members can receive custom-tailored, fully editable content feeds based on their industry and areas of interest. Real estate professionals get updates on real estate law; HR professionals get updates on HR law, etc.
  • The JD Supra application provides a compelling reason for lawyers to join LinkedIn, and for those who are already members, a reason to more actively use LinkedIn.
  • JD Supra Legal Updates provides the only searchable repository of professional legal analysis and information on LinkedIn.

Features of JD Supra's Legal Updates Application on LinkedIn

  • Prominence: JD Supra articles are uploaded directly on LinkedIn and delivered straight to members’ homepages.
  • Custom feeds: With Legal Updates, JD Supra can deliver custom-tailored, fully editable content feeds to any of LinkedIn’s nearly 70 million members based on their industry and areas of interest: real estate professions receive real estate articles; HR professionals receive HR articles, etc.
  • Managed feeds: Users can subscribe to feeds in over 50 different subject areas and/or subscribe to feeds from individual JD Supra authors.
  • Web 2.0 sharing: Legal Updates users can instantly recommend and share JD Supra articles with colleagues on LinkedIn.
  • Library building: Users can mark articles as “favorites” and build a library of helpful reference articles over time.
  • Information sharing: Legal Updates allows other LinkedIn members to see which articles you have recently read, shared, made favorite, and uploaded.
  • Browsing/Searching: Users can perform a text search or browse the full JD Supra library of documents in all subject areas from within LinkedIn.
  • Enhanced profiles: JD Supra members can sync their JD Supra and LinkedIn accounts, automatically adding their JD Supra articles to their LinkedIn profiles.
  • Connection: JD Supra articles contain one-click access to any author’s full portfolio of JD Supra content.
  • Network expansion: Each article comes with a button allowing the reader to add the author to his/her network.

Commentary Regarding JD Supra's Legal Updates Application on LinkedIn

For more in-depth user case studies, bios, and training resources, visit http://bit.ly/dtBW1u

Aviva Cuyler, Founder and CEO, JD Supra:

  • “LinkedIn chooses its third-party applications very strategically, and this is a tremendous seal of approval for JD Supra.”
  • “The Legal Updates app gives LinkedIn’s members access to the thinking of the nation’s top lawyers and gives JD Supra users unprecedented access to an audience of 70 million LinkedIn professionals.”
  • “Legal Updates is a perfect app for the LinkedIn community because it’s attractive not only to the many legal professionals on LinkedIn but also to anyone who needs to be aware of legal developments.”

Adrian Lurssen, VP Strategic Development, JD Supra:

  • “This is networking at its best. LinkedIn users are eager to share articles of interest, recommend them to friends, and network with the authors. And Legal Updates is a nearly endless source of that sort of credentialing content."
  • "If you're a lawyer on LinkedIn in search of something better and more useful to do with your contacts than merely collect them, then you're going to love Legal Updates.”
  • "JD Supra content reaches LinkedIn members when they are focused on business and looking to make professional connections—the best moment for lawyers to show off their expertise."

David Harvey, Senior Marketing Manager, Morrison & Foerster LLP:

  • “The JD Supra application on LinkedIn is a perfect fit. The JD Supra application makes being on LinkedIn work for lawyers. It’s going to be very easy to get lawyers active on LinkedIn now.”

Russell Lawson, Marketing Director, Sands Anderson PC:

  • “LinkedIn has a self-selected, tuned-in audience that will be incredibly receptive to JD Supra’s content. With readers that are engaged in the content, Legal Updates is going to spur a lot of great networking.”    

Lori Foleen, Marketing Director, Lane Powell PC:

  • “After we started putting our articles on JD Supra, we saw a definite increase in traffic to our website and in media requests, as well. The LinkedIn deal will further strengthen JD Supra’s influence and impact.”

Bob Ambrogi, Attorney, Writer, Consultant:

  • “This is a game changer for everyone on LinkedIn.”

Get the Application: http://bit.ly/c8JRjh


What: An online demonstration of the Legal Updates app, led by JD Supra founder Aviva Cuyler

Date: July 22, 2010

Time: 1:00 p.m. ET / 10:00 a.m. PT

Sign-up: To register, visit http://bit.ly/9NOeuL

To watch an instructional how-to video, visit http://bit.ly/bDvX2x

The JD Supra-LinkedIn Story

The brainchild of a San Francisco-area attorney, JD Supra places lawyer-generated articles into streams of legal news on a wide range of subjects, which it then spreads over new media platforms like Google News, Twitter, RSS feeds, Facebook, syndication partnerships, and a JD Supra widget for maximum exposure. JD Supra’s approach—to place legal news where readers have already gathered on the Web—showed results immediately. Within months of creating a simple, automated Twitter account for its Real Estate Law articles, it had gained 5,000 followers.

But JD Supra’s ideal social networking partner was always LinkedIn, which is largely closed to third-party applications. As it happened, the popular TechCrunch blog agreed. Last year, it published a post (“Law 2.0: JD Supra Frees Legal Content”) noting the natural fit between JD Supra and LinkedIn, which has a substantial professional readership with an interest in legal subject matter. Within a half hour of the TechCrunch blog post going up, JD Supra’s phone rang.

It was LinkedIn, and they wanted to talk.

The call was a defining moment for the young company, born in 2007 when attorney Aviva Cuyler had an epiphany: shouldn’t there be an online hub where lawyers could share and get exposure for their written work?

She bounced the idea off another parent at the Point Reyes Station school her daughter attended, who knew a thing or two about good ideas for the Internet: he had been the 28th employee in the door at Yahoo! When he didn’t tell Aviva she was crazy, she was off and running.

A year later, JD Supra was ready for launch. By then, Aviva had brought that former Yahoo! employee, Adrian Lurssen, on board as VP of Strategic Development. And when it came time to find office space for the start-up, they picked a most fitting location: the former home of Janis Joplin.

What does a flower power icon have to do with a legal news service? Quite a bit.

A specialist in writing legal briefs, Aviva knew that having a virtual portfolio of one’s best work would not only be a convenience for lawyers but also a powerful match-making tool between the attorneys posting content and the clients looking for their expertise. The more people who see your writing, after all, the more likely you are to find someone interested in what you have to say.

JD Supra’s mission, then, became getting its members’ articles in front of a wide audience of readers interested in legal subjects. The free-sharing ethos of the Internet, with its echoes of the 1960s, offered the perfect fuel for that to happen. By posting its content freely across platforms and encouraging the linking, sharing, recommending, and forwarding of its articles, JD Supra delivers its most popular articles into the hands of tens of thousands of targeted readers.

The harmony between JD Supra’s philosophy and the countercultural past of its office becomes clear when one considers the top contributor to the service: the Electronic Frontier Foundation, which has posted more than 1,000 documents. EFF, which promotes free expression on digital media, was co-founded by none other than John Perry Barlow, the former lyricist for the Grateful Dead who penned classics like “Hell in a Bucket” and “Mexicali Blues.”

Of course, business-minded lawyers may be more impressed that the second-largest contributor to JD Supra is Morrison & Foerster LLP, one of the nation’s most prominent law firms.

About JD Supra

JD Supra (http://bit.ly/dtBW1u) is the ultimate modern legal news source: paperless, crowd-sourced, and available for free across your favorite platforms: iPhone, Facebook, Twitter, and now LinkedIn. Launched in 2008, JD Supra now provides legal information to hundreds of thousands of professionals.

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