SkinWithin Launches Hydra-Moist, Its Innovative Moisturizer

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Besides protecting your skin from sun damage, insuring that your skin is properly hydrated provides the best anti-aging defense for your skin. SkinWithin's Hydra-Moist is designed to aid the skin's natural ability to maintain proper hydration and thereby reduce the appearance of wrinkles and other signs of aging in the skin.

SkinWithin is pleased to announce the launch of its day and night moisturizer, Hydra-Moist, a light weight moisturizer that quickly absorbs and spreads easily to improve your skin’s hydration. “Everyone discusses moisturizing your skin, but we really want to improve skin hydration. When we are young, the skin does an excellent job in keeping our skin hydrated through the production of hyaluronic acid and other natural moisturizing factors,” says Kevan Dilbeck, Chief Executive Officer of SkinWithin Skincare Services, LLC. “By stimulating the skin’s inherent ability to produce hyaluronic acid, we cannot return to the plump skin we had as infants, but we can naturally improve our skin’s hydration.” To improve hydration in the skin, the following ingredients are included:


  • an organic ingredient from Tara tree seeds native to the forests and valleys of the Andes Mountains in Peru
  • provides a short term and a long term hydration boost to the skin, with clinical studies verifying that with once per day use, the skin’s hydration was boosted by 10.8% after 30 minutes, 13.6% after 2 hours and 16.4% after 4 hours at a 5% concentration and there was a cumulative increase in hydration with repeated use over a 22 day period.
  • improves cellular cohesion in the outer layers of the stratum corneum due to a significant reduction of desquamation or flaking off or shedding of the dead skin cells of the outer layers of the skin.

Exossine Exo-H and Exo-T

  • organic ingredients from microorganisms that flourish in the shallow salt water lagoons of the French Polynesian Islands.
  • Exo-H stimulates skin’s production of natural moisturizing factors (like hyaluronic acid).
  • Exo-T demonstrates (in vitro) a higher ability than retinoic acid (tretinoin, such as Retin-A) to exfoliate dead skin and provides improvement of skin barrier function.
  • Clinical studies have demonstrated that the combination of these Exossine ingredients significantly induces deep and long lasting hydration resulting in softer, smoother and more evenly toned skin.


  • stimulates skin’s ability to produce hyaluronic acid and elastin in the dermis resulting in plumper, firmer and more flexible skin.
  • manufacturer’s study reported a 183% increase in hyaluronic acid synthesis and a 16% increase in skin elasticity after 28 days of use

Hyaluronic Acid

  • holds 1,000 times its weight in water, aids the skin in sealing in the increased hydration and assists other ingredients in improving the skin’s barrier function.

Hydra-Moist takes moisturizing products to the next level using the ability that nature provides our skin to aid the skin in performing the hydrating function that it once performed so well. “We cannot turn back the clock to create youthful skin, but we can aid the skin to function better and truly improve skin hydration from within,” said Dilbeck.

SkinWithin is a cosmeceutical company that offers Simple, Serious and Scientific skin care utilizing cutting edge ingredients in high concentrations designed to get truly efficacious results. SkinWithin is sold in the US through plastic surgeons, doctors, dermatologists and skin care professionals. For further information about Hydra-Moist, or the other products of SkinWithin, please visit our website at or feel free to contact our office at 800.504.4544.

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