MGM/PYE/PATHE Records Anounces New Artists: Vic Pitts, Doctor Gabs, Just Carmen, Charolette Henry, Martii and many established artists.

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MGM/PYE/PATHE Records announces five new artists that will perform and record on the labels. International lawyer and owner Giovanni Di Stefano also announces other plans including bringing recording and distributing on traditional vinyl LP for all artists.

I have had an extraordinary response from many top artists. The quality will be exceptional and all have a real opportunity of being part on a new but established movement.The roar of the lion will be heard and is a vision that all know

International lawyer Giovanni Di Stefano who recently revived three major record labels: MGM Records/ PYE Records and PATHE Records have announced five new artists as well as much major music industry colossal that will join and his three labels. “I stated that all would get a chance and that is exactly what I meant. These however, are artists that are established in their own way and will shine on our labels,” stated Di Stefano.

Drummer Vic Pitts began his career in 1962 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA where he founded his group “Vic Pitts and the Cheaters”. The band quickly became very popular – opening for stars such as Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, Jimmy Hendrix and Frank Sinatra Jr. Later the group accompanied The Platters, Everly Brothers, Dick & Dee-Dee and Joey Dee & The Starliners. They organized a variety of shows including The Battle of the Bands featuring The Jackson Five, The Five Stair Steps, The Crowlers and many other artists.In 1967, Pitts opened his nightclub which featured his own group and many other artists such as Al Jarreau, Blue Mitchell, Major Lance, Alvin Cash and the Chilites.In 1969, Pitts brought his group to Europe where they appeared in Holland, Germany and Italy and played with artists including Charles Aznavour and Arthur Conley.In 1975, the group separated and Pitts went to Paris. He toured with Miriam Makeba, Harry Belafonte, Brothers Johnson, Fat Back Band, Soul Train Dancer, Marvin Gaye, Al Jarreau, James Brown, Curtis Mayfield, Percy Sledge, Bobby Womack and others.Since the mid 80s Vic Pitts lives with his family in Annemasse, France, close to Geneva and is a profile well known to visitors at the Montreux Jazz Festival where he played many times, not only with Miriam Makeba but also in many other collaborations. Together with fellow drummer Phil Collins, Vic Pitts also was musical director in the "Little Dream Foundation" event at Montreux Jazz Festival in 2002. “I am extremely proud to have Vic on board. He is not only a great musician but boy what a great character,” said Di Stefano.

Doctor Gabs is a jazzman who has studiously mastered all the styles up through be-bop. Gabs is an extraordinary technician who knows every trick that his instrument permits, showing off dazzling runs, arpeggios and intricate layering of chords, flourishes brought forth with both a strong right and a thundering and very fast left hand. But if he has studied, he does not sound studied. “He is an unreservedly emotional player, something many of us have not always found," said Di Stefano. “I have not heard a better rendition of ‘My Funny Valentine’ and am so proud to have him on board,” stated Di Stefano.

Martii is a French singer and founder member, with Deise Mikhail, of Red Fish. If Red Fish were one of the groups of electro most compiled in 2002. “4 seasons 4 loves”, the album of Red Fish was "Selection FIP" and "Winter skies" one of the titles was the most played on FIP in 2002. Martii signed also pure traditional chill out such as “The Picasso Suite - Theme from Summer of 42”, which was selection FNAC and Virgin in electro music with Silent Sounds. She also collaborated in many albums such as “Human shape”, Songs I love” ... Her songs were mainly run by major European labels. “Just wait till you hear her voice and watch out for her surname it’s truly inspirational and dynamic,” Di Stefano announced.

JustCarmen was born in a province close to Taranto in Italy. It is said in Taranto that JustCarmen learnt to sing before she was able to talk, accentuating her passion for the arts and music. Her paternal grandfather was a bandleader in Southern Italy and a poet. At the age of three JustCarmen sang her first song in public to the pride of her parents. To be a renowned singer and artist was her dream from the beginning. At the age of eighteen JustCarmen took the biggest gamble of her life by renouncing an academic life for one of the stage and moving to the Italian capital of Rome. It was a move involving considerable courage and criticism but one which eventually came to success. The art of singing was however, not one which JustCarmen accepted as part of her talent. A number of jobs followed which permitted her to support herself and learn the art of singing with the support of a renowned Roman Professor. Recognition and success did not come quickly or automatically. JustCarmen was never ready to surrender her art of singing for easy success. JustCarmen has sung in Africa, Europe and a number of leading piano bars which allowed her to test her music. She continues to test her ability and music throughout has over 10 million followers on MySpace and a dedicated Wikipedia site for her CD’s. “I have been truly honored working with JC for the past five years and have with pride watched how her audience has grown to over 10 million on her sites. She records in three different languages and all I have ever said about her is simply wow,” said Di Stefano who also produced her last four CD’s with success.

Charlotte Henry takes her smooth and sensual singing skills and performs all over the world. Her writing career began and in 1999 secured a publishing deal with Don Larkin at Everyday
Music writing with Max Milligan and Chris Harris. In the year 2000 Charlotte was one of
the 8 finalists in the UK´s Eurovision song contest with her own song ‘King Of love’, and her
own track ‘Come With Me’ has been covered by singer songwriter Sarah Jory.
In 2003 during 6 months in New York attending every showcase and festival Charlotte finally
met A&R scout Mark Wolfson at Reel Entertainment Ltd, with whom she cut her first 5 track
EP in Los Angeles at Steve Vai´s Studio. “This singer is simply great and watch out for her new CD which will have her own songs and some great cover songs,” said Di Stefano.

Giovanni Di Stefano also stated that it will be his intention to appoint a number of record producers assigned to the three labels and ‘new talent scouts’ in all countries to ensure that as many as possible simply ‘get the chance to perform’. “I also intend to allow the artists to record the traditional vinyl LP’s that I and many grew up with and which are making a fantastic comeback. All artists will have that opportunity on all three labels,” he said.

“I have had an extraordinary response from many top artists who seek to record on these three major record brand names. The quality will be exceptional and all have a real opportunity of being part on a new but established movement. The roar of the lion will be heard and is a vision that all know,” said Di Stefano.


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