Can The Bible Cure Depression and Other Psychological Problems?

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Doctor Finds Biblical Solutions A Life-Changing Alternative Psychology

“I’m not ashamed to tell you I’ve had years of counseling. I’ve been on four anti-depressants, three kinds of anti-anxiety prescriptions and a menu of meds for bipolar disorder. I’ve been suicidal at times and basically thought I’d never be happy.” That’s what Deborah, a 33-year-old wife and mom related after her life transformation courtesy of Dr. Greg Cynaumon, and his Unlocking The Bible’s Secrets to Happiness program. “I could have avoided years of pain and counseling and tens of thousands of dollars if I’d discovered this earlier in life,” she concluded.

Unlocking The Bible’s Secrets to Happiness ( is a new twist on the oldest book in history – The Bible. The six, forty-five minute video sessions and accompanying Playbook reveal biblical secrets that can bring people instant happiness, meaning, and lasting peace? In fact, Dr. Cynaumon reports that people who have used this program report a significant elevation in mood, far less stress and worry, better health, happier relationships, better concentration, and improved sleep. “I’d used cognitive, behavioral and analytical psychology with those clients, but always came away with the feeling that; ‘counseling is beneficial, but seldom is it truly life-changing’”. Being a devoted student of the Bible, Cynaumon started in-depth research into what the Bible had to say about the most common problems people bring into counseling: depression, anxiety, stress, weak boundaries, stress, and no idea of their purpose in life. The doctor discovered that the Bible is powerfully clear on how to overcome each of these emotional roadblocks that keep us unhappy.

For example, Cynaumon discovered that depression often has its roots in unresolved regrets and disappointments of the past. “Scripture is very clear on better and different ways to forgive ourselves and others for regrets, disappoints and hurts from the past and how to ultimately release these. Sure, psychology addresses these too, but not with one-tenth the power and clarity that the Bible does,” Cynaumon concluded.

“Basically Unlocking The Bible’s Secrets to Happiness is for anyone who wants to be happier. It doesn’t matter if you’re a born-again Christian or Jewish, atheist or biblical scholar – the truth is the truth,” Cynaumon said. “I want people to know that this is not preachy, nor does it shove the Bible down people’s throats. It’s not New Age-ish or full of Old Testament thous and thees. This is the scripturally sound, very fun apex where psychology and theology absolutely mesh together to form a dynamic solution for people who really want to live a happier and more fulfilled life.”

“You have no idea how truly happy you can be,” interjected Tyler, a 27-year-old father of twins who has was introduced to Unlocking The Bible’s Secrets to Happiness six months ago. Dr. Cynaumon makes this so easy not to mention I laughed all the way through the DVDs. He’s like half shrink and half comedian, but it makes learning fun. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve told to get this program.”

Best-known for his teachings in the field of psychology, dream analysis, and parenting; Dr. Greg Cynaumon concluded, “Look, I get that counseling is valuable and medication is absolutely beneficial – if not life-saving to many, many people. But if you’re depressed, anxious, stressed-out, can’t sleep, have a bad marriage, have difficulty setting boundaries and really aren’t at all sure what your bigger purpose for being here on this earth is - this program will change your life.”

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About Dr. Greg Cynaumon

Dr. Cynaumon holds both a masters and doctorate degree in psychology.


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