Digital Video Recorded Surgery Becoming Common Answer to Rising Medical Malpractice Claims

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White pages report "The Rising Medical Malpractice Claims and a Practical Solution" cites digital video recorded surgery as a helpful tool against medical malpractice claims.

According to a recent report, “The Rising Medical Malpractice Claims and a Practical Solution,” 56 percent of Blue Cross Blue Shield plans in 12 malpractice claim “crisis states” have begun to refuse to cover some high risk surgeries. As the number of medical malpractice claims continue to skyrocket, it is increasingly difficult for doctors to find affordable liability insurance plans. Paule Delaney, vice president of Business Development for VizVOCUS Inc. contends a simple procedure will help the complex crisis - digital video recorded surgeries.

“The decision to make digital video recorded surgeries standard procedure will be driven either by the surgeons, by the insurance companies, or both,” Delaney said. “Insurance companies may institute a policy whereby they will only insure surgeons who are willing to document all surgeries on video. Alternatively, they may offer lower premiums to surgeons who document their surgeries on video.”

According to the report, a Gallup poll published by the National Journal indicates 57 percent of adult Americans feel there are too many lawsuits against doctors, and 74 percent feel that we are facing a major crisis regarding medical liability in health care today.

“Many surgeons (especially in the more litigious states) are more likely to take the initiative and purchasing the i.HD Camera System to protect themselves from frivolous malpractice lawsuits,” Delaney said.

VizVOCUS is the manufacturer of a successful line of “plug and play” digital cameras designed for surgical and dental use.

The lightweight, high quality USB camera allows any surgeon with a laptop to use the equipment during surgery. In fact, one of America’s most well-known surgeon, Dr. Mehmet Oz of the Dr. Oz show recently used a VizVOCUS camera during surgery for a Discovery Channel special.

VizVOCUS’s digital camera combines high quality video doctors demand and easy to use technology they appreciate. It can be custom fitted to any existing loupes, is lightweight and comes with a one year warranty making it a favorite among surgeons and dental professionals.

To learn more about the growing liability crisis and how videotaped surgies can help, download the free Report Today.

About the Product:
HD Video Capture Digital Output create .AVI and .JPEG file and HD Video Recording in .AVI format
Built-In Microphone
USB 2.0 Connectivity to directly connect to your Laptop
Smallest digital camera: only 0.5 oz (14 grams) to mount on Loupes/Headlights

About the Company:

VizVOCUS Technologies Inc. was born from the ashes of the collapse of the telecom industry early 2000. Backed by strong engineering capabilities, private investors and strong entrepreneurs, the company developed bottom up turnkey imaging solution in cooperation with leading edge university hospitals in Canada.

Shortly thereafter, the successful release of its first imaging products contributed to gaining market recognition. Now, with a stronger understanding of this the growing medical imaging demand, VizVOCUS’ positions itself with its new products as an innovative leader at the forefront of existing portable imaging solutions.


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