Resveratrol Supplement Vindure 900 Rates Whopping 95% Customer Satisfaction

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Vinomis' resveratrol supplement, the Vindure 900, has received a 95% customer satisfaction rating for both the product and customer service.

It is gratifying to see that customers appreciate the no-compromise quality we put in the product, and the responsive customer service we strive hard to deliver

In an independent customer satisfaction survey, the Vindure 900 Resveratrol and red wine-based supplement from Vinomis Laboratories rated over 95% customer satisfaction for both the product and customer service. “It is gratifying to see that customers appreciate the no-compromise quality we put in the product, and the responsive customer service we strive hard to deliver,” noted Barry Yarkoni, Vinomis CEO.

There are many Resveratrol based products on the market, but most use low dosage or low purity Resveratrol. “When you double the purity, the cost is far more than doubled,” added Mr. Yarkoni, “by focusing on direct marketing and distribution through carefully chosen professional partners, we can deliver a superior quality product at an affordable cost. A daily tablet costs less than almost anything you can buy at the coffee shop, and boosts your energy without the caffeine jitters.”

Vindure 900 contains 400mg of pure trans-Resveratrol, supplied by 98% pure natural extract. Resveratrol was proven to be the most potent activator of the “longevity genes” or SIRT genes, in groundbreaking studies done at Harvard Medical School. Vindure also contains 100mg of Quercetin, which the Harvard team found to be the second most potent longevity gene activator and it enhances the absorption of Resveratrol. In addition, Vindure contains 400mg of Bordeaux grape extract, an all-natural blend of hundreds of the beneficial polyphenols found in red wine, including as much antioxidant power in each tablet as an entire 24oz bottle of pomegranate juice or a pound of blueberries, but without the sugar or calories.

The advantage of the Vindure blend is that customers can feel the benefits in a very short time, in addition to enjoying the long-term health and anti-aging effects. In the survey, most customers reported “increased energy,” “increased endurance,” or “just feeling better.” A significant portion also reported an increase in mental sharpness or improved memory. As one customer raved on their survey, “Vindure 900 just makes me feel better, more energetic and more focused. I’ve recommended Vindure 900 to my friends.” The reported survey results are consistent with the research findings on Resveratrol, Quercetin, and grape extract that have been reported by several major universities.

“People just love the product,” said Yarkoni, “here are some other customer comments we received on the survey:”

“I feel like it’s a super pill!”

“Vindure 900 is just amazing!”

“My husband and I are amazed at what we can remember now.”

“The way I feel with Vindure 900 is just incredible.”

“I feel more energetic.”

“I recommended it to my physician.”

“After a month of taking Vindure, I am back to my old self PLUS.”

“I feel GREAT!”

Vindure 900 is available direct from Vinomis Laboratories at 1-800-Vindure or online at

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