Pioneering Denver Plastic Surgeon’s Techniques Speed Recovery and Lower Costs

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Denver’s Nose Doc, Dr. Jeffrey Raval, MD, FACS, says new cosmetic surgical techniques mean Rhinoplasty and facelifts offer better results, are more affordable and less invasive than ever before.

Denver plastic surgeon Dr. Jeffrey R. Raval, MD, has developed new surgical techniques for such popular cosmetic procedures as nose jobs and facelifts, offering less invasive surgery, shorter recovery times, and much better, more natural-looking results than standard plastic surgery procedures in place for decades. Moreover, he says, his new techniques save time and costs, meaning that such beauty-enhancing treatments are now within the financial reach of more patients.

Through his Denver practice Raval Facial Aesthetics, P.C., Dr. Raval specializes in a broad range of rejuvenating surgical procedures and non-invasive techniques, including facelifts, necklifts, browlifts, chin and cheek augmentations and nose surgery, as well as injectibiles such as Botox and refreshers like facial peels. He has demonstrated his pioneering techniques to high-profile medical gatherings and has been featured on Denver television discussing the mainstream appeal of modern plastic surgery.

“Our patients are increasingly women of normal and even modest means who thought that a nose job or a minor facelift would be far out of their reach,” says Dr. Jeffrey Raval, M.D., FACS, a board certified facial plastic surgeon known as Denver’s Nose Doc and an expert in beauty enhancing surgical techniques for the neck and face. “Some come to us because they are trying to compete in a youth-oriented job market. Others say they have just always hated the look of their nose or chin. But each and every one of them says they want to look as beautiful as they feel.”

Intense media attention has focused on plastic surgery in the last few months following the disclosure that reality television personality Heidi Montag underwent as many as 10 plastic surgery procedures in one day, reshaping her nose, chin, cheeks and eyes. Dr. Raval says the Montag coverage has drawn a number of inquiries from patients, not all of it productive.

“I wouldn’t recommend that much reconstruction for such a young woman,” says Dr. Raval, “especially one who was quite attractive and quite obviously drew considerable attention in her natural state. But that doesn’t mean these procedures don’t have value. Some people are born with a nose or chin that just doesn’t fit the rest of the face for true beauty, and in these cases plastic surgery can be a real life-changing event.”

One of the more common surgical procedures performed by Dr. Raval across all age groups is the so-called nose job, known medically as a Rhinoplasty. Behind only the facelift in popularity, more than 200,000 people a year in the United States undergo this procedure. Dr. Raval has earned the reputation as Denver’s Nose Doc not only by his patients, but also within the plastic surgery community for his demonstrated skill and celebrated results. Dr. Raval has pioneered revision Rhinoplasty surgery, a highly complex procedure that minimizes scar tissue as well as recovery time, and he has presented and demonstrated his technique at high-profile plastic surgery meetings throughout the country.

The facelift, however, is by far the most popular plastic surgery procedure requested by patients, Dr. Raval says, because most patients look to the facelift to preserve beauty once the aging process really begins to set in. At Raval Facial Aesthetics, the facial plastic surgeon actually features two types of facelift procedures: the full facelift and the mini or weekend facelift.

“Facelift techniques today are far advanced from only a few years ago, and can leave patients looking 10 to 15 years younger with much less recovery time than before,” says Dr. Raval.

In a full facelift, called a rhytidectomy, the surgery addresses the lower two thirds of the face, removing lax facial skin, repositioning and reducing underlying excess fat deposits, and tightening underlying muscles and deeper tissues. The results are a more restful, youthful appearance, says Dr. Raval.

A less-invasive option is the mini-facelift, sometimes called the weekend facelift because recovery can happen in as little time as a weekend. Dr. Raval has further developed this technique into what he calls the Combo Facelift, where a mini surgical procedure is combined with a regimen of injectable fillers tailored to each patient’s needs.

“We minimize the incisions and the surgical work, and then add fillers like Restylane or Perlane to fill in the creases and plump the face to its youthful fullness,” says Dr. Raval. Most of our patients are back to work or out on the town in as few as five days, and usually they are greeted with such compliments and questions as ‘Have you lost weight?’ It’s a small investment for such a wonderful boost in beauty and confidence.”

Raval Facial Aesthetics is located in Denver’s renowned Cherry Creek North shopping and dining district, easily accessible to patients throughout Colorado. For more information on Rhinoplasty and facelifts performed by Dr. Raval visit and For a complete view of the practice and all of the many surgical and non-invasive services provided for beauty enhancement visit and telephone 303-381-FACE (3223).


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