Spellspace.com, the Most Favored Website for Tarot and Spells, Completes a Major New Release Now Offering Virtual Tarot Decks

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Spellspace.com launched a major new release making the only place for free tarot and spells even more inviting and beneficial, providing visitors a safe place to go for help with life's problems, big and small through its interactive improved tarot readings and spell recommendations. Members now also have virtual tarot decks, in-depth solutions and improved Tarot Rooms® where they easily can connect with others, anywhere, anytime.

Free Tarot Reading, Spells, Talismans and Tarot Cards


We have a website unlike any other on the Internet. Though we’re still new and searching for our full audience, when people do find us they keep coming back because we help them with everyday problems in a beautiful, non-threatening place.

With more than a million unique visitors and over 10,000 loyal members in its short existence, SpellSpace.com has proven to be the place on the web for safe, interactive and fun free tarot readings, spells and horoscopes to help with life's problems, big and small. But now a major new incarnation of the magical website makes that original vision even more inviting, providing virtual "My Cards" where members can explore purchased or trial tarot decks to do a layout anywhere there's a computer or jot down thoughts about a card. Also, Tarot Readings now recommend Talisman Incantations along with best-selling Spells in a more intuitive and inviting layout. And Tarot Rooms®, where members can share a reading live with others have been made even easier to join and use.

Spellspace's thousands of daily users are already used to getting recommended products beautifully packaged and based on the ancient arts of aroma therapy and ritual to help with love, work or even luck. They now also receive a relevant Talisman or Potion recommendation based on personal tarot readings, all available with just a click in the fully integrated SpellStore®. The new and very affordable Talismans® are uniquely SpellSpace, filled with powerful dried herbs and magical elixirs that are mixed and added into a portable pendant charm for maximum potency. As always readings can be saved, annotated and shared to keep track of daily ups and downs, and, of course, are still completely free.

Members love to interact with friends in the recently released Tarot Rooms®, but now a new layout makes it even easier to chat, get advice or connect with new friends over a completely interactive reading.

Co-founder and CEO Tess Ross calls this latest version of SpellSpace the apotheosis of her vision for the quickly growing website. Like its owner, a female entrepreneur in a male dominated web business, SpellSpace is a unique oasis on the web where magic is as important as technology. Tess says, "We have a website unlike any other on the Internet. Though we're still new and searching for our full audience, when people do find us they keep coming back because we help them with everyday problems in a beautiful, non-threatening place."

The numbers back her up. In 2009 SpellSpace achieved a 63%(1) customer return rate. After finding SpellSpace, visitors stay there more than 93% of the time, spending almost 10 minutes and viewing about 10 pages a visit(2). With so much to do on SpellSpace it's no wonder they keep coming back and staying.

Here is a list of features:
View free Celtic cross tarot reading that analyzes life path and provides solutions, save, annotate or email reading, save history trends and ratings, add diary entries for personal thoughts about readings, keep track of it all on MySpellSpace personal page with last reading, last spell, divination stats, horoscope, tarot significance and astrological compatibility that can be shared and viewed by others, update profile to find new friends and let them know about you, chat with friends or guests in Tarot Rooms® while viewing a live tarot reading, explore My Cards where virtual tarot decks can be viewed and different lay outs studied, buy unique products; Spells, Talismans, Potions, Tarot Cards, Dried Herbs, Incense and Elements at the SpellStore®, a virtual mall of magical products, become a Premium Member for unlimited reading history storage, ad block, discounts and earn Spell Tokens to buy real and virtual products.

Pew Research shows that 65%(3) of Internet users search daily for magical solutions to life's questions. Whether a tarot novice or connoisseur, whether searching for like-minded people or a completely private experience, at SpellSpace people are in control; SpellSpace helps show the way. The vision may be complete, but SpellSpace.com continues to be the only place on the Web for "Interactive" free tarot, spells and magic as recognized by the prestigious 'Great Sites' from the American Tarot Association. Become a believer.

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