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Increase Muscle Mass, Improve Sports Performance, and Blast through any Exercise Strength Training Plateau with this just released Report from This advanced exercise technique is for athletes with 1-2 years of weightlifting experience, and is a perfect compliment to your own or any of the weightlifting programs offered by

This intense Bodybuilding based Weightlifting secret is used by the best Fitness athletes in the world yet-is rarely published or performed in the public eye due to its results. Those in the know simply want to keep this competitive advantage a secret. known for their highly regarded workout programs- The 10Buck Training Methods, has just released the second report in a series of advanced weightlifting techniques for male or female Fitness, Bodybuilding, or Sports athletes. This report is a perfect compliment to any of the exercise programs offered by, or any other intense weightlifting program or routine. offers a number of weightlifting programs for download at their website. As with their other programs- this report is available in a download format as well- that is instantly available on your computer, for reading, review, and printout. The report has printable workout program log sheets, tables, and charts, complete with checklists that guide athletes through the entire process- from preparation to execution to measuring the results. This report, like all of the exercise programs offered at, is only $10- a great alternative from some of the expensive and fad based Fitness, Bodybuilding or Weight Loss books and DVD's on the market, and no waiting for them to arrive in the mail.

This training report - "How to Gain up to 1 inch on your Legs in 24 hours" - will instruct athletes on the long guarded secret to gaining substantial leg size, strength and muscle tone in a remarkably short period of time. Based on decades-old, and secret, underground or back room only information- the training staff at has modernized this original bodybuilding technique and format for today’s modern high-performance athletes.

The training technique was originally developed decades ago by some of the best and most legendary bodybuilders in the world, yet today- is rarely published or even performed in the public eye due to its extreme effectiveness. Those in the know simply do not want to give any potential competitors an advantage over their own guarded training secrets. Although, originally developed by bodybuilders- this technique is now being used in all areas of Fitness, Bodybuilding, and Sports Performance.

An obvious goal for any bodybuilder is to have bigger and more powerful legs than the bodybuilder standing next to them, and there are some obvious hurdles in consistently achieving this goal. The human body easily adapts to the repetition of the same exercise program. Soon, increases in strength will begin to slow or even stop because of this adaptation- usually referred to as a 'training plateau'. The weightlifting program that this report details is designed to put extreme stress on the quadriceps and hamstrings to force muscle growth and strength increases as part of the human body's natural adaptation to this workout intensity and shocking of the muscles.

For sports athletes looking to increase sports performance, the strength and power increases from a solid weightlifting program are obvious. Most athletes, whether in football, soccer, martial arts, gymnastics or any other physically demanding sport, spend a great deal of time doing 'core training' exercises- which are centered around large muscle groups of the torso. The weak link in this type of exercise program is the smaller muscles of the limbs and extremities, and the strength benefits from completing this program can directly improve and this condition along with overall core strength and stability. The legs are the 'foundation" for the torso- and leg strength should obviously be a primary focus for proper core training.

Weightlifting has always been part of an overall fitness program. While building larger muscles may not be the primary goal for general fitness- performing the workout in this training report can substantially increase your overall fitness by strengthening the legs and allowing fitness athletes of all types to ultimately use more weight and produce better and faster training results overall. The muscle tone and enhanced definition certainly parallel the goals for achieving overall physical fitness, even if building muscle mass may not be the primary goal.

A measurable increase in leg size or strength is not the only benefit of this intense leg workout program. Athletes may also notice a visible increase in muscle separation and definition, and may also notice an increase in vascularity due to capillary growth stimulation, and the main arteries and veins responsible for delivering increased blood flow to these newly formed capillaries.

Due to the highly intense nature of this bodybuilding based weightlifting program, the staff at recommends that this program only be performed every 2-3 months at the most- depending on your current level of physical fitness and your body's own personal ability to recover. Certain athletes recover faster than others from intense exercise, and it is important that muscle tendons and ligaments get the needed recovery as well as the quadriceps and hamstring muscles.

According to the staff at most Fitness, Bodybuilding , or Sports Performance athletes- regardless of their current physical condition- will require 2-3 days of recovery time after completing this 1-day Leg workout, before reverting back to their regular leg training routine.

If you are an athlete that may be experiencing the dreaded 'training plateau', burnout, or workout stagnation that results from the same old workout program- "How to Gain up to 1 inch on your Legs in 24 hours" may be just the cure you need for supercharging your regular training routine, and continue moving forward towards you physical fitness goals.


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