Now, You Can Discover How to Burn Fat, Get Fit, and Enjoy Great Health Just Like the World’s Leading Fitness Experts

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Fitter Than the Pros levels the playing field and equips everyone for fitness success by revealing the “never-before-shared” secrets that have enabled 11 of the world’s top fitness pros to create beautifully fit bodies and incredible health.

I realized that what most people are missing is the right mindset for success!

It is well known that many people set the goal of burning fat, losing weight, and bettering the fitness level. Unfortunately, the reality is that only a small minority of these people ever achieves these goals because they are missing a very important piece of the puzzle - the success strategies and proper mindset needed for lasting health and fitness success.

However, that might all be about to be change thanks to the release of a brand new project called Fitter Than the Pros - a riveting series of in-depth and probing interviews in which 11 of the world’s top fitness experts reveal their very own success secrets.

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Through these inspiring and success-oriented interviews, Fitter Than the Pros provides listeners the exact mindset, fitness, and dietary success strategies of the world’s fitness “gurus”. Never before have these experts revealed what makes them tick and now anyone can benefit from, and thus apply, what has worked for the fittest and healthiest people on the planet.

Fitness expert and creator of the project, Yuri Elkaim, conducted the interviews with at very specific focus and said…

“I’ve worked with thousands of clients over the years and have noticed that a large percentage of them do not achieve their fitness goals. They have the workouts and the diet plans but still something is holding them back. I realized that what most people are missing is the right mindset for success. That’s why I wanted to get inside the minds and lives of the world’s top fitness gurus to show people exactly how they think and what they do to achieve their health and fitness goals. These interviews are meant to inspire people and give them the mindset and success tools that will help propel them to their goals!”

Aside from the 11 interviews, Fitter Than the Pros also provides 3 helpful success workbooks to help listeners apply what they learn, set their goals, track their progress, and plan for ultimate success.

Fitter Than the Pros bridges the gap in the fitness and weight loss industry by providing the inspiration, mindset, and success tools used by the fittest people in the world. It is not another workout or diet program but instead a success program that is meant to inspire people and help them make the most of the health and fitness programs they already use.

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