Raw Food Diet For Weight Loss Backfires

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The Raw Food Diet For Weight Loss Is A New And Popular Fad, But If it is used incorrectly, it can backfire and make people fat.

Raw Food Diet

Learn How To Make A Raw Food Diet Work For Your Weight Loss

A Raw Food Diet For Weight Loss Can Cause Health Problems

The raw food diet for weight loss can be a very effective method but for some people, it can cause them to store more fat as well as cause harmful nutritional deficiencies. A new book, Metabolism Makeover, shows people how to use a raw food diet to get rapid weight loss, increase health and avoid the pitfalls of the raw food diet for weight loss.

“The average person who is trying to lose weight will have an initial drop in weight if they go on a raw food diet but it will eventually plateau for most. For others, the raw foods they eat can cause them to get fatter and possibly cause deficiencies,” said author Yegyan. “A raw food diet for weight loss can be extremely effective, but you still need to know which raw foods work to increase health and cause fat loss. Also, you will still need to understand how to prevent nutritional deficiencies.”

In his book, Metabolism Makeover, author Yegyan shows that not all raw foods will cause weight loss. Some people will go on a raw food diet and eat the raw foods that contain the highest amount of sugar. In addition the lifestyle, body type and exercise will change how foods react with the body.

According to Yegyan, “Another factor people are not aware of are that certain glandular imbalances will cause the raw food diet for weight loss to fail right from the start. There are also vitamin deficiencies that can occur such as a vitamin B12 deficiency that can cause blindness, Alzheimer's and nervous system disorders.”

To get the best of what a raw food diet for weight loss has to offer without sacrificing health, a raw food diet is best used as a comprehensive weight loss program.

Yegyan outlines a specific method in his book, Metabolism Makeover. A raw food diet for weight loss is a part of the array of tools used to reset a person’s metabolism so it naturally stores less fat. The book shows what foods cause fat loss, who it will work for and how to adjust it.


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