End Socio/Political Polarization - Techniques for Workable Compromises

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On Dr.Rose's blogtalk radio site he will be using techniques to help participants with polarized POV to get closer to workable compromises. His goal is that these interviews will be used in classrooms as well as between any person, group, or organization that is blind to other views.

"The battle concept in settling differences of opinion is destroying our ability to resolve them. We need a new paradigm and in these programs we will model it."

Dr. Robert Rose, The Complete Teacher, Amazon 2009, host of Changing Mindsets on http://www.blogtalkradio.com/icdrrose is going one step further in his goals and beginning in October he will be challenging the status quo in a different way.

He has had many guests state that his interviewing style made them comfortable and he drew experiences, anecdotes, and concepts from them that helped them clarify their beliefs. Many had strong viewpoints that they explored together. He had tried on MySpace and YouTube to get people to examine their beliefs with the goal of finding compromises with those with opposing ones. He was seen as naive or foolish and the efforts failed.

In October he is going to try an approach based on that all of our beliefs are emotion-based. These are followed by our efforts to explain, rationalize, and intellectualize them. Therefore, he is launching shows that will bring together people with strong opinions about critical issues such as; immigration, taxes, wars, abortion, racism, sexism, environment, energy, and any other major social issue.

Those who wish to be selected need to send him (at iccdrrose1(at)gmail(dot)com) a two page (#12 with Arial font) explanation of the bases of your P.O.V. Using the space to give your credentials, degrees, or accolades will not help. You will be judged on the clarity and power of your convictions. Evidence is more valid than “because I said so.”

Dr. Rose will match the person with one with an equally impressive defense or explanation of P.O.V. Each will be given five minutes to explain the P.O.V. One will then begin to challenge or question the other’s belief. One can try to disprove the other or bring in added evidence. Although, logic and rational thought are important one can also use arguments that s/he admits are based on emotion.

Any of the three can point out fallacies in logic or clarity or any weakness in a claim. Fallacies such as slippery slope, heap, circular thinking, bandwagon effect, or any others will need to be responded to by the one making the error. Further, Rose will ask questions and explore the emotions he believes may be the basis of the belief. Don’t apply if you can’t deal with experiences you may have repressed.

Dr. Rose sees this as a teaching and learning opportunity to demonstrate techniques of open, honest discussion to replace the battle paradigm that has lead to greater polarization. It results in the inability to find compromises that could resolve many of our current issues that result in lose-lose scenarios. California legislature is an example.

He doesn’t expect to completely change their P.O.V., but to help them find workable compromises. Civility at all times will be demanded! In the event one sinks to a personal attack one warning will be given. The second personal attack and hers/his phone will be cut off and the civil one will have the rest of the hour to showcase hers/his beliefs.


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