Ned Kelly Gang Art Show On Virtual World Second Life - Sponsored By Melbourne Online Liquor Sly Grog Club

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Melbourne Online Liquor merchant the Sly Grog Club is sponsoring an Art Show with a difference. Talmidahs Art Gallery is an online and virtual concept for people who desire more from the Gallery experience. The gallery's current 'Ned Kelly Gang Art Show' is an offering by Australian artist and entrepreneur Joan Kamaru.

Enjoy ART as you have never experienced it before with our new Gallery on the virtual world of Second Life. The Sly Grog Club sponsors the ARTS online and virtual 3d.

Talmidahs Art Gallery has a new Art Show where people can come and experience virtual 3D Art. Residents on Second Life can buy the Art to hang in their Office or Home. People can also visit and join the online Gallery for free. Members may upload original images and video; complete a Profile and invite new Members and much more.

The 'Ned Kelly Gang Art Show' features ArchiSpray Art - paintings created using architectural tints and spray enamels. Joan developed this idea of painting with Tints while producing Fine Finishes for Ornate Plaster. You can read more about Fine Finishes on Bayside

Images were taken of the original 'Kelly Gang' inspired artworks and then with the help of technology processed with software applications that help create an exciting new piece of artwork for everyone to enjoy. By uploading this new images to Second Life and showing it there artists can develop a greater audience, get better feedback and even earn from their efforts thanks to 'Linden Dollars'.

People want and expect more exciting art and audio experiences and on Second Life you can do that! Anyone who is 18+ years old with a decent computer and broadband are invited to visit the 3D virtual Gallery.

Second Life is often quoted as being a wild and dangerous place where anything and everything can happen. Now after 6 or so years of operating, the 'Lindens' have regulated activity by rating Land Use as PG, Mature and Adult.

Joan's avatar name is BuHu Hoobinoo and you can search her SL Profile to find out more about the places and things one can do at the virtual Talmidahs Art Gallery. Profiles have a box at the bottom where you can leave a Notecard or IM to make contact.

Talmidahs Art Gallery is located on the Mainland and a Mature Rating applies. The continual process of innovation on Second Life has encouraged people to be proactive in their professional development and has been a great influence on the ARTS merging.

Audio can be uploaded to Second Life as 8 - 10 second sound files and played.

Scripts (coded information) are used to allow the way Audio is used. For example - the artworks can play audio files as a 'sensor'. When avatars walk up to view the Artwork and closes in to within a designated distance of say 5 meters, the audio is triggered to play your selection of audio files or 'read' from a notecard.

The script is hidden inside the virtual artwork and can trigger all kinds of helpful events including sending email, avatar detection and much more.

Another great added service to people enjoying their new 3D virtual Artworks is the ability to modify the size. How wonderful if we could do that in the real world!

Resizing is done simply by clicking your cursor on the Artwork to bring up the Blue Menu. By small increments you can expand or reduce the artworks size until the Artwork suits your decorating requirements. No messing around, just Click and go!

Joan enjoys working with people who are creative and has formed a group which people can join called 'The Print Room Saloon'. Once you have joined this group on Second Life and are wearing the group tag - you can use most services and products free!

Talmidahs Art Gallery is also represented on the Fine Art Print and Framers' website, Fine Art America.

This website presents Art Collectors with a unique opportunity to get Art from all over the world printed on quality paper or canvas and beautifully framed.

Most people understand that Fine Art Prints will not look the same as their computer image or print out. Everyone has different screen and printer capabilities so there is bound to be a difference between the shown image and actual printed colours. Don't forget that Canvas and Paper have different ways of reflecting light and will change the appearance of the Print from the online image or virtual 3D Art.

Joan also helps artists and gallery operators achieve these new skills this with online and virtual CPD classes and courses available through WiZiQ.

The idea is to offer people a variety of 'easy to learn and use' products and services to help them develop their marketing tools, create an online profile and show their work to the world.

Art Lovers can see more art by Joan at Talmidahs Gallery online @
Contact Joan Kamaru for more information.

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