Memoir Illuminates Author’s Journey from Victim to Victorious

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When a family is abusive, mentally ill, and addicted to drugs and alcohol, being the only sane person in the family is a nightmare. Marynell Lund knows how abuse destroys self-esteem, but hope always exists as revealed in her inspiring memoir.

No matter how horrible life becomes, people can overcome their circumstances and live fulfilling, meaningful lives as expressed in Marynell Lund’s deeply moving memoir “The Normal Side of Insanity” (9780741458964, Infinity Publishing, 2010).

“So many had taken bits and pieces of me and kept them for their own pleasures and vice,” writes Marynell Lund about her incredible life of abuse. Born to a mother who did not love or want her, and a father whose affection manifested itself in sexual abuse, Marynell experienced a childhood of pain, fear, and self-loathing that ultimately led her into abusive marriages. She chose the title “The Normal Side of Insanity” for her memoir because amid the incest, drug addiction, mental illness, and alcoholism of her family, she was the only person not participating in the insanity.

At the heart of her abuse was a belief that she was not worthy and did not even deserve to live. Her mother constantly told Marynell that she was a lie who should not have been born. Her father had promised her mother they would have no more children, but then he lied to her about using a condom; as a result, her mother told Marynell her name should have been Trojan. Constantly told her existence was the result of a lie, Marynell apologized to her mother for having been born.

Leaving home, Marynell eventually married, only to enter abusive relationships. Not until her third marriage did she have a stable relationship. She then had three children, but when the third child, a daughter, was born, all her trauma from the past resurfaced amid fears her daughter would experience similar abuse. Realizing she needed to come to terms with her childhood trauma, Marynell pursued a degree in sociology, which gave her the tools necessary to leave behind her victim role and spread a message of hope to others in similar situations.

Today, Marynell educates people about abuse, but beyond that, she is a living example of hope and that a better day can come for anyone. As she said in a recent interview, “The sky is the limit once you learn to love yourself.” She wants victims of abuse to know they are not alone and they do not have to deal with their pain by themselves. Her message in “The Normal Side of Insanity” will educate readers and give much-needed hope to many.

About the Author
Marynell Lund grew up on a poor man’s farm in a very dysfunctional family. Her childhood was weaved out of a life filled with mental illness, drug addiction, incest, and abuse. Marynell was in the army and stationed in Germany during the Vietnam era. Later, she went to college and pursued a B.A. in Sociology, which opened her world up to coming full circle by studying the dysfunctional lifestyle. She has given many speaking engagements and written articles on many topics including abuse, alcoholism, and incest. A self-accomplished expert in the field of abuse, Marynell has taken her role of victim and turned it into being victorious. “The Normal Side of Insanity” is her memoir of this journey and transformation.

“The Normal Side of Insanity” (9780741458964, Infinity Publishing, 2010) can be purchased through local and online bookstores. For more information, visit Publicity contact: Review copies available upon request.


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