Author Recalls His Real Childhood Haunting Experience

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After years of questioning whether the boyhood terror he experienced had really happened, Arthur Mills went back to research the empty lot next door. His conclusions were that the ghost Candle Face and how she tormented him were indeed very real.

Whether or not people believe in ghosts, the true life experience of Arthur Mills deserves consideration. Find out who Candle Face was, her taunting behavior, and how she made a boy’s childhood into a living nightmare in Arthur Mills’ “The Empty Lot Next Door” (9781450072212, Xlibris, 2010).

Ray and his family have just moved into a small house beside a strange, vacant lot where another house once stood, and where a huge wide hole mysteriously awaits the brave or foolhardy. Ray and his friends consider the empty lot just an exciting playground until Ray hears tales of how the lot’s house burned down years ago, leaving a girl to die in the fire. According to the neighborhood kids, the little girl will come out at night to haunt anyone who dares to jump into the empty lot’s hole.

Both frightened and intrigued, Ray decides to test the validity of the tale. When he jumps into the hole to challenge the ghost, nothing happens. But in the night, Ray sees a figure emerge from the hole who makes eye contact with him. Soon, Ray is haunted by Candle Face. She visits his dreams and leaves handprints and other terrifying signs for him even when he is awake. In a recent interview, Arthur Mills recalled his bone-chilling meetings with Candle Face. “At first, she was upset that I disturbed her rest. Then I believe she just liked tormenting me. I guess she could have killed me at any time like I suspected she killed others. I am not sure why she didn’t kill me. I guess I was just her toy.”

“The Empty Lot Next Door” is the true story of a haunting that Arthur Mills, who changed his name from Ray, experienced as a child. Although his haunting experience occurred over thirty years ago, the more time has passed, the more Arthur has grown convinced that the ghost Candle Face was real. Continuing to research the haunting, he now plans to write a prequel about who Candle Face really was.

Reviewers agree that “The Empty Lot Next Door” is a ghost story at its finest—perhaps all the more so because it’s a true story. Lisa McCurley of Reader Views says, “After the first night of sleeping with the light on, I ended up taking off two afternoons from work to finish it which is all it took because I couldn’t put this book down.” Kirkus Reviews agrees, “In a coming-of-age story that’s well paced and layered with emotion, Mills creates moments of true suspense through guileless prose as he unearths a family tragedy.” Anyone who enjoys being scared, or who wants to probe into whether ghosts are real, will add “The Empty Lot Next Door” to the “must read” list.

About the Author
Arthur M. Mills, Jr. was born and raised in Austin, Texas. One of his numerous dreams was to become a writer. It took him thirty-seven years, but he fulfilled that dream by writing the novel, “The Empty Lot Next Door.” The novel is based on true events of his childhood. He joined the Army shortly after high school and has been serving honorably ever since. He and his wife Yonsun have two children, Arthur and Allen.

“The Empty Lot Next Door” (9781450072212, Xlibris, 2010) can be purchased through local and online bookstores. For more information, visit Publicity contact: Review copies available upon request.


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