Practical Joker Publication Wants Your Summer Camp Prank Experiences

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Practical Jokers perform a valuable service by getting people to wise up.

Life is tough. It's tougher when you're dumb.

Have you ever been suckered into hunting for the elusive Snipe while at summer camp? Or been sent off on a fool's errand to find camouflage paint, a left-handed smoke shifter, a fire warmer, or a cup of propane? Maybe you were the victim of the old shaving cream and feather prank or the dreaded bowl of warm water while sleeping or perhaps you suffered a painful hotfoot. If this sort of experience rings a bell, please take a minute of your time to share your story with the readers of The Practical Joker newsletter. If your story is included in the newsletter, you will be rewarded with a Wiseguy Starter Set, now in version 3.0.

The Practical Joker newsletter is a free weekly email publication sponsored by, a practical joke business based in Daytona Beach, Florida. The popular newsletter is now in its 12th year of publication and has awarded hundreds of prizes to its contributors. In addition to summer prank ideas, the newsletter always welcomes any kind of practical joke experiences or ideas for their regular Fiendish Idea of the Week column. To submit your practical joke experience, simply go to this page: You can also just email your practical joke to: practicaljoker(at)fakecrap(dot)com. Don't worry about grammar or writing style at all. Our editorial staff of BS artists can take any idea and punch it up to make it sound like Hemingway sent it in. If we do use your idea, we will send you our latest Wiseguy Starter Set or you can substitute an item of equal value if you chose.

If you like practical jokes or would like to learn more about the prankster's arts, it's simple to subscribe to The Practical Joker newsletter. Just send a blank email to: thepracticaljoker-on(at)mail-list(dot)com. You can also subscribe directly from the web site, In addition to practical joke experiences and ideas, the newsletter also features instructions on the most effective ways to use joke shop products. And if you happen to be an inventor of a new practical joke product, please contact us as well. Tricks are our trade and we can help you market your item or suggest other sources that can.

The editor of the Practical Joker newsletter believes that practical jokes, aside from being a lot of fun, actually promote critical thinking skills. Critical thinking skills are not being taught in our schools. Students are being taught to pass tests but then they don't have enough sense to figure out how to get out of Chinese Finger Traps. Ask any kid when was the war of 1812, who's buried in Grant's tomb, or what is heavier, a pound of lead or a pound of feathers? The dumbing down of our educational system is producing a crop of adults who are idiots. These dummies believe that some Nigerian stranger is going to send them a lot of money for no reason. Or they fall for a scam telling them that they have won big money in some foreign lottery even though they have never actually entered a foreign lottery. They give out their bank or identity information to scammers without a thought. Consider the words of John Wayne: "Life is tough. It's tougher when you're dumb." This is where us practical jokers come in to play. We actually perform a valuable service for society, though we are very seldom thanked! The practical joker's service is to fake people out, force them to think, and hopefully to wise them up. Those of us who were duped as kids by snipe hunts and fools' errands were lucky enough to have been wised up at a young age. If you missed this chapter in your development, it's not too late! Subscribe to the Practical Joker newsletter, where it's never too late to have a happy childhood.


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