Heat-Line Announces Technology Breakthrough in Geothermal Transfer Systems

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Heat-Line®, a Canadian manufacturer of innovative freeze protection solutions, has developed a new line of geothermal products that represent a breakthrough in geothermal transfer technology. LIMNION LIMA-1 by Heat-Line is a highly engineered energy transfer system for lakes, ponds and rivers that works with geothermal heat pumps to efficiently provide low cost heating and cooling that is environmentally safe.

Heat-Line® (http://www.heatline.com), a company operating in the Haliburton Highlands in central Ontario, Canada, are well known as a leaders in water pipe freeze protection. The company established a geothermal division to explore the development of high performance geothermal transfer products under the LIMNION brand and are now introducing a breakthrough technology. The company's founder and CEO, Lorne Heise made an astonishing statement today which sounds a little more like science fiction then it does science. "Now anyone with a waterfront, riverfront or pond home can heat and cool it without using any fossil fuels. That's right! Imagine! No energy bills from your gas or oil company forever! This technology is so green it presents an unprecedented leap forward in lake based geothermal heating and cooling technology."

"LIMA-1 is the first product in a family of Geothermal Transfer Systems LIMNION is planning to introduce over the next 2 years. LIMA-1 is an engineered and high performance energy transformer compatible with all premium quality geothermal water to air or water to water heat pumps. The leading manufacturers in heat pump technology have correctly focused their efforts on high performance refrigeration technology bringing geothermal capability to the forefront. These companies are building extremely efficient geothermal heat pumps. These heat pumps perform so well, the current challenge is how to transfer the energy to and from the ground. This is why the LIMNION Corporation was formed, dedicated to learn, invent and develop highly efficient Geothermal Transfer Systems to provide these great heat pumps with the geothermal energy transfer capability they need to really perform," reports Heise.

It has long been recognized that our lakes and seas store an abundance of energy. To date, tapping into this geothermal energy resource has required the installation of hundreds and thousands of feet of polyethylene plastic pipes, often carelessly strewn onto lake bottoms covering large areas. These masses of pipes have a detrimental effect on a sensitive eco system and may destroy aquatic habitats with an ugly and largely non-serviceable coil. These systems are called lake loops and they are becoming an environmental nightmare. The uncontrolled practice of installing bundles of pipe has gone on for years and is currently under review by many environmental authorities in the USA and Canada. The practice has already been banned in many areas as it is not only considered environmentally wrong, it also possesses inherent safety hazards during and after installation as clothing can become tangled in the various caged structures.

A single LIMNION LIMA-1 is designed for up to 6 TONs of thermal transfer and has a footprint approximately 1/600 of the size of a conventional lake loop or mat. The LIMA-1 does not adversely affect the ecosystem as it suspends itself harmlessly within the lake water anchored with a 45 Kilogram (100 pound) ball of which only the bottom 100 Millimeters (4 inches) is in contact with the lake bottom. The LIMNION LIMA-1 will not rust or corrode. The LIMA-1 is of non metal construction and all components are made of modern polymers. The LIMA-1 is non-toxic and the protective cage actually provides a habitat for tiny fish and other aquatic animals and vegetation. The unit can be raised and lowered as required if service or cleaning is ever deemed necessary. Everything has been thought out right down to the tether rope. It is made with materials proven not to rot or fail even in salt water and once the knot is tied it will not slip.

The LIMNION LIMA-1 has numerous unique design features that are not immediately obvious. It is lightweight and is constructed using a hexagonal barrel shape allowing it to be rolled safely over rough, uneven terrain while providing breaking flats to prevent it rolling out of control when travelling downhill to the lake, river or sea. The danger of lifting over rough geography is alleviated. Integrated hand holds facilitate ease of handling.

Convective holes in the shell of the LIMA-1 allow water to pass through the transfer core while providing access to a unique and safe habitat for small fish, other aquatic animals and vegetation.

Algae and other aquatic growth will not diminish the performance of the LIMNION LIMA-1. In some cases it will enhance the performance. The elegant design and shape has been formed to deflect ropes and fishing lines while protecting the inner core from mechanical injury while in its permanent location.

There is no metal used in the LIMA-1 construction so there is nothing to rust or corrode even in salt or acidic water. The plastics and materials are made of virgin non toxic polymer and materials. LIMNION has no moving parts. There is nothing to wear out or fail.

The proprietary materials are specially enhanced for high performance heat transfer and are neutrally buoyant in water making LIMA-1 easy to move into place. LIMNION is compatible with all high quality geothermal heat pump products and the entire installation is simplified for huge labour savings. LIMNION is supplied with a specially designed anchor ball with a flat bottom for ease of installation. It is important to note however, installations vary greatly in different geographical areas and other anchoring and fastening methods may be used as. Strong water currents may require alternative or custom anchors and fastening methods. The combined LIMNION and anchor system is designed for smooth fast and efficient installation is most conditions.

Heise says, "LIMNION is a timely and necessary key to making geothermal lake systems efficient, affordable, sustainable, safe, easy to install and most importantly - environmentally friendly. When connected to a high quality heat pump, the LIMNION LIMA-1 system eliminates the need for fossil fuels, reduces the carbon footprint and does not harm the environment. The LIMA-1 is in total harmony with the natural environment as it elegantly and efficiently heats and cools our homes using totally renewable energy stored in the earth."

Heise says, "LIMA-1 can be used with any high performance and high quality water to air or water to water heat pump and makes installations a breeze. These heat pumps are highly efficient and sip electrical energy to power a compressor, circulating pumps and control circuits. This is the only power required. The rest is provided from the sun and the earth.
Heat-Line is developing other LIMNION systems to compliment the promise of geothermal residential heating and cooling."

LIMNION and LIMA-1 are registered trademarks of Heat-Line Corporation. Patents Pending

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About Heat-Line
Heat-Line is a Canadian company offering an extensive line of innovative and energy efficient freeze protection products for home, cottage, commercial and industrial applications. Heat-Line specializes in developing and manufacturing advanced water pipe freeze protection systems using self-regulating technology. Heat-Line cable heat trace systems eliminate water line and pipe freezing. For more information about Heat-Line and their new line of Geothermal Transfer Systems, visit http://www.heatline.com or call 1-800-584-4944.


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