Dorian Paul Williams and Caledonian Management Group Set to Ignite Explosive Social Community Development Movement

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The world acclaimed solo R & B artist, former Gap Band member and Dorian Paul Williams Encouragement Scholarship founder promoting Caledonian “No Cost Programme for Non-Profits” during upcoming 17-city tour.

“I have partnered with Caledonian...there is absolutely no other help available effectively putting money back into our small businesses now...

Caledonian Management Group and Dorian Paul Williams announced today the official launch of Mr. Williams’ participation in Caledonian's No Cost Programme for Non-Profits, a programme delivering real financial solutions to charities, businesses, and the communities they serve. Williams has now declared, “It is time, now, for an economical healing!” Although Dorian Paul Williams is a world acclaimed solo R & B artist and former Gap Band member, widely acclaimed for winning 5 Christian Acappella Music Awards, today he is also known as an accomplished social activist. Williams is very passionate about igniting an explosive social community development movement focused on improving all of America.

Williams deems it necessary to invite the public television and radio stations, the Rotary Clubs, Not-for-profit Credit Unions, the Chambers of Commerce’s, and any other organization claiming to build a better community. Williams will begin promoting his Dorian Paul Williams Encouragement Scholarship and the No Cost Programme during his upcoming 17 – city tour. “I have partnered with the Caledonian Management Group because there is absolutely no other help available effectively putting money back into our small businesses now, or effectively improving the sales and profit of our small businesses that have been wrongfully neglected. Small businesses are the ‘backbone’ of our American economy. Without a healthy ‘backbone’, America cannot stand.”

Caledonian and Williams share a common objective of empowerment. Both organizations believe that by helping people advance in education, coaching/mentoring, and guidance there will be a positive impact on society for generations to come. “With the new joined partnership of The Caledonian Management Group, I envision igniting the most explosive, social economic community development movement in American History,” says an enthusiastic Williams. “This social community development movement will stimulate our economy now, save jobs now and provide substantial funding for nonprofit organizations without any government assistance.”

"We are finding business enhancement opportunities and cost cutting measures ranging from tens of thousands of dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars depending on company size," says Chris Ducret, Caledonian Management founding partner. "The lost money we are finding is allowing companies to grow and hire people at a time when most are scaling back." Williams echoes Ducret’s sentiments saying that he feels there is finally an organization that is concerned with helping “Main Street America” instead of focusing on Wall Street. “Until Caledonian, there has never been any effective help or assistance for the small or medium-sized American business owner, especially the African-American business owner,” offers Williams.

This resulting found money is providing a growth opportunity for business and delivering donations via Caledonian to charities that are struggling as well. "Charitable organizations are struggling to keep serving their constituents because of decreases in donations," reminds Ducret. "Our No Cost Programme keeps the charities focused on their objectives rather than trying to raise additional donations."

Ultimately, everyone wins. Charities are able to continue offering the services needed in their community; businesses maintain their strength in the market; and the community is able to maintain the jobs and services that bring stability. "Businesses and charities don't have to fall prey to the victim mentality that is being thrown around by the government," emphasizes Ducret. "The private sector is where growth will emerge, and Caledonian is taking the lead. We will help companies and charitable organizations recover. Even more, we will help them prosper." Williams concurs. “President Obama’s base philosophy was all about the audacity of change; and in furtherance of this philosophy rode into the Oval Office premised on this certain change,” reminds Williams.

“When I look around for this change, I have not seen anyone making any efforts to effect change in the small business community, in which over 90% of all businesses in the U.S. are classified as ‘small businesses’. I have made a conscience decision, that as a part of this launch, I am kicking-off a 20-major city tour, tentatively scheduled to start on September 21, 2010 promoting the Dorian Paul Williams Encouragement Scholarship and the No Cost Programme created by The Caledonian Management Group. Together we can stimulate our economy now without creating anymore national debt. I am looking only for leaders and responsible stewards capable of effectively utilizing these substantial economical benefits to assist not only the over 90% of all businesses in America but our entire society as well. . . bringing a economical healing that is needed now.”

Charities and Non-Profits that want to stand out from the crowd should contact Caledonian to register in the No Cost Programme for Non-Profits. Call 972-607-9781 or visit

About Dorian Paul Williams Encouragement Scholarship Fund
Dorian Paul Williams established the Encouragement Scholarship Fund to provide scholarships for local students in each touring area. This scholarship is unique however, because it will go to students that have “C” averages. This affords them the opportunity to attend college without amassing debt. His motto is “They may not be A or B students, but they’re not failures”. Contact Ms Vee Chisem at 901-553-9435 or visit

About Caledonian Management Group
Caledonian's No Cost Programme enables registered charitable organizations and non-profits to refer local businesses to Caledonian; local businesses that want to improve their bottom line and establish a position of strength in a struggling economy.

Caledonian Management Group LLC is a privately held business management company that focuses on providing business assessments and management consulting services to small and medium level businesses. The company delivers tailored business growth solutions to companies with its ground breaking management consulting and business improvement services that focus on increasing profit, reducing costs, improving efficiency and streamlining operations! Caledonian Management, with locations in Delaware, Texas, United Kingdom, and Japan, offers business management assessments, consulting and solution services on a "fixed price" basis. Caledonian provides a comprehensive assessment as a fixed price product with pre-determined goals, standards and objectives which are disclosed beforehand and does not seek to engage the client in a major consulting contract or open-ended agreement. Learn more about Caledonian Management by visiting


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