Urobiologics Announces Breakthroughs in Determining Baby Gender

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Led and owned by Dr. Kuldeep Verma, the company has discovered that a woman’s uteral environment helps ‘influence’ the sex of the baby. It has developed a simple pre-conception urine rest, more than 26 years in the making, which will allow women to conceive a child of a specific gender. It also offers a post-conception urine test that detects the gender of a baby sooner and more accurately than any other procedure.

You ensure conception, we ensure gender.

Urobiologics, led and owned by Dr. Kuldeep Verma, is proud to announce six breakthroughs in reproductive physiology. Based on these findings, the company has developed pre- and post-conception urine tests that will help women to have a child of a specific gender.

An accomplished biochemist, Dr. Verma began his research in 1984; over the past 26 years, he has tested more than 23,000 cases. The results are significant, and include six specific discoveries:

1.    Women have an equal role in gender formation. Granted, that gender ultimately is determined by sperm, but the expression of genes and propagation is influenced by the biochemical environment of the uterus.
2.    Ovulation creates two types of biochemical environments in the uterus due to differences in hormonal composition of follicular fluid. When an egg is released, a hormone rich solution is also discharged, which coats the uterus.
3.    These environments alternate in consecutive menstrual cycles. In one cycle, the follicular fluid may be rich in testosterone; in the next cycle, it may be rich in estrogen.
4.    Conception in one type of environment favors either a boy or girl. For example, for a boy to be conceived the uterus needs relatively higher testosterone in the system, otherwise there is an 80 percent chance that the fetus will not continue.
5.    The process of conception “locks” the existing uteral environment, which continues until the baby is delivered. That means no more alternating cycles for nine months.
6.    Urobiologics has developed a clear method to identify those environments by testing pre-conception, mid-cycle urine.

Urobiologics will test a woman’s mid-cycle urine samples for two months to determine the pattern of the uteral environment. It will then provide a full plan for when to conceive, along with a few tips on how to conceive. This way, women can confidently plan the baby of their choice. Consider this example: a woman’s mid-cycle urine sample in January shows an environment for a boy, and a sample in February shows an environment for a girl. This means she has alternating environments, and that the next cycle in March will again be for a boy. If she conceives in March, there is an 80 percent chance she will have a boy.

Urobiologics is the only company offering an effective pre-conception gender planning system. Additionally, its post-conception test can detect baby gender earliest and more accurately than any other procedure.

“You ensure conception, we ensure gender,” said Dr. Verma, who has filed both U.S. and international patents for the technology. “One company does it all: gender planning before pregnancy, and gender detection after pregnancy.”

Both tests are extremely simple and non-invasive. Customers do not even have to schedule an appointment; they only have to send the urine samples by mail.

“Our appreciation of this service grew tremendously when we found out his analysis to be correct” said Dr. Michael, in one of the company’s many glowing testimonials. “And now we are holding a healthy boy. What I liked most was that the test was done by mail and none of us had to travel to their lab out of the state. The service was prompt and excellent overall.”

“I just wanted to let you know we got a 16-week ultrasound and it is a boy!” reads another testimonial from Dr. Rupam Khanna. “Thanks for being the first to let us know!”

For more information about Urobiologics, please visit http://www.urobiologics.com/.


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