Online Health Care Testing Provides Alternative to the Doctor's Office

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An Oregon natural health care provider has built a national practice of online clients with a unique testing method. A simple device plugged into a client's computer allows Clinical Nutritionist and author, Monte Kline, Ph.D. of Pacific Health Center, to test clients hundreds or thousands of miles away for nutrient deficiencies, food and environmental sensitivities, toxins, stressed organs, and compatible natural remedies.

Why go to the doctor's office when you can have an online testing appointment right at your computer? That's the philosophy of Clinical Nutritionist and author, Monte Kline, Ph.D. at his Pacific Health Center natural health care clinic in Sisters, Oregon. Using a state-of-the-art testing method called Limbic Stress Assessment (LSA), Kline conducts extensive food and nutritional testing with clients whose hand rests on a "hand cradle" plugged into their computer and connected through the internet to his clinic (View article on Limbic Stress Assessment at Dr. Kline phones the client at their appointment time and facilitates their connection to his computer so the client sees their testing on his screen, just as they would in his office.

The LSA testing at Pacific Health Center is based on usage of "digital signatures" of thousands of items stored in the testing computer such as foods, environmental allergens, toxins, nutrients, and hundreds of remedies -- vitamins, minerals, herbs, amino acids, enzymes and homeopathic remedies. Kline explains, that just as a live artist's voice is converted into digital signals to make a musci CD, so other items can be similarly digitized for testing purposes . . . and the body reacts to it just as it would the real item. The LSA system sends those digital signatures to the client's hand cradle and then measures the change in galvanic skin response (GSR) produced by that stimulation -- a stimulation of such low voltage that it is not felt by the client. With an item tested about every half second, hundreds to a few thousand items are tested in an hour appointment.

Due to the unique nature of Dr. Kline's 27 year practice, clients have often traveled hundreds of miles for appointments prior to the availability of the LSA online testing technology. They now love the convenience and financial savings of online appointments. Testimonials are enthusiastic, such as from Kimberly in Renton, Washington:

"My family and I have benefited greatly from Pacific Health Center's services. My daughter suffered from hair loss, hives, night terrors, and screaming fits, all of which disappeared or improved when we followed the eating and nutritional plan."

Joy in Lincoln City, Oregon commented:

"You have been such an encouragement to me these last three years! My physical healing is largely due to the accuracy of the machine you use and prayer. I was amazed during my last evaluation with you at the details the machine gave concerning my health."

Kline's healing philosophy is simple: "Find what's missing in the body that should be there and what's present in the body that should not be there." The former speaks to nutrient deficiencies, while the latter speaks to food sensitivities and toxins. He continues, "The LSA technology allows a simple, non-invasive way to find what's "missing" and what's "present" and to determine the best balancing natural remedies. Remote testing online is amazing. It has eliminated all geographic limitations to our practice, which now sees clients from Pennsylvania to Florida to California to Washington State. Though our clients need in person appointments with their medical doctors, dentists, and chiropractors, our food and nutrition testing can be done just as effectively online."

Dr. Kline's practice also includes special services for weight loss, heavy metal detoxification, and food reaction desensitizing. His Free SICK & TIRED WEBINAR outlines his program and demonstrates the online testing technology. To view free webinar visit,


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