The Second Scientific Revolution; 2012 Declaration of Psychic Science with the Epoch-Making Significances is Now Preannounced by Galaxy Seven

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On July 4th, 1776, the “Declaration of Independence” conveyed the concept of “All men are created equal.” It is high time for us to expand its scope of meaning. This historic Declaration of Psychic Science claims that “All lives are one and equal; True nature is blissful and joyful .”

All lives are one and equal; True nature is blissful and joyful .

Galaxy Seven from Taiwan preannounces 2012 Declaration of Psychic Science. He is also the author of this declaration.

In order to fulfill the Mayan prophesy, “Declaration 2012” will be formally signed by fourteen significant individuals and companies on 21 December 2012. This historical event could lead to the second scientific revolution. In fact, 21 December 2012 will be a great rebirth day, rather than a doomsday.

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This psychic scientific revolution could also induce the second industrial revolution. The first industrial revolution in the 18th century was based on physical science, while the second industrial revolution in the 21st century will be based on psychic science.

The Earth is experiencing a resplendent phase of transformation. In truth, we are marching towards the most dazzling new era of psychic scientific civilization in human history.

Nevertheless, the reason why the development of psychic science on Earth is at a standstill is because a system of theoretical standards for psychic science is still lacking and people fail to unify research methodology. Once theoretical exemplars appear, psychic science and related industry will begin to progress swiftly, just like after the unified protocol of WWW appeared in 1989, the Internet started to develop by leaps and bounds.

“Declaration 2012” has designed a lucid and comprehensive theoretical system for psychic science. The theoretical system regards the scientific spirit of “honest description” as the basic attitude, “intuitive experimentation” as the main research methodology, the “Four Axioms of the Mind” as the presuppositions, and the “Four Laws of the Mind” as the criteria for verification. The conclusive primary concept is:

“All lives are one and equal; True nature is blissful and joyful .”

From the historical view point, the physical scientific revolution in the 17th century is the first scientific revolution . In 1687, Isaac Newton published the book Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy, in which he used such logical and mathematical methods as induction and deduction to describe natural phenomena honestly.

Newton’s honest, open-minded attitude helped to liberate people from the bondage of their blind faith in authority. This meant a great deal to those living in the 17th century who were bound tightly by authority. However, we are unknowingly marching towards another extreme: worshipping material. Everyone has to know that mathematical methods can only be used to describe external, local and regular phenomena of material and cannot explain all the truth in life and in the universe.

Having entered into the 21st century, we now need psychic science to engage in the second scientific revolution. In order to launch the psychic scientific revolution, we have to expand the horizons and methods of science, introducing the methodology of “intuitive experimentation” from psychic science.

The definition of “intuitive experimentation” is simple and clear. It means conducting honest descriptions of one’s own intuitive experience and empirical effect while respecting others’ honest descriptions of their own intuitive experience and empirical effect.

It should be noted that “intuitive experimentation” does not demand all of the experiences and experiments to be perfectly repeatable, nor does it arbitrarily apply local, regular phenomena to the entirety. Rather, it describes things honestly and intuitively in a flexible, open-minded attitude and acknowledges that there are limitations to all experiences.

One of the most valuable elements of scientific spirit is “honest description.” As long as “honest description” occurs, broad-sense scientific spirit is achieved. What can be referred to as science is definitely not merely mathematics, and what can be expressed with mathematical formulas is often limited to simple, regular physical rules.

There is an enormous disparity between psychic science and physical science. Physical science pays special attention to objectivity, immediacy and absolute repeatability, while psychic science focuses on intuitiveness, gradation and practicality.

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