Proxi Uses Google TV Ads - Data Integration Improves Direct Response Client's Media Performance by 100%

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With Direct Response (DR) media spending tightly tied to media performance in terms of Cost-Per-Call (CPC) and Cost-Per-Sale (CPS) Proxi was able to improve its client’s media performance by 100% through the use of Google’s TV Ads Platform. By integrating the data from Proxi’s Call Management Platform & Call Center Order Processing System (Proxi’s database driven DR campaign management tools) with Google TV Ad’s new call attribution services, Proxi was able to optimize national media buys and improve performance by 100%

Google already provides us more data in its media buying interface than most other networks and channels we currently buy from today. Now, with the detailed reporting and measurement provided to us by Google, determining CPCs and CPS is clearer and easier than ever before.

“Areas we thought should have been fast wins with low CPMs actually performed worse than some other channels or dayparts with significantly higher CPMs. By reaching audiences that are more engaged and on target, this insight allowed us to fine tune the weekly buys and reduce our client’s CPCs by over 50%.”

Traditionally, media buy performance can be difficult to track.
Normally, because of the lack of granularity in response data and the approximations with broadcast viewership, attributing performance to a specific flight can be difficult; this becomes almost impossible when campaigns are run across multiple channels & networks.

Now, with a closed loop that integrates Proxi’s data with Google TV Ad’s attribution function, there is little mystery behind media performance.

“When Google learned about the robust data that our systems handled, they were excited to know if we would be open to collaborating as an early adopter of this new program. While we were cautious about sharing the sensitive business data, we saw the value of closing the loop and were able to get client clearance for a few tests. With the ROI of each buy clearly defined, it’s been a no-brainer to significantly expand the volume of buys.” said Michael Lee, Principal at Proxi.

“As the first company to have been able to do this level of data interchange with Google, the results speak for themselves. Going forward, the time and effort we’ve invested against the integration makes it easy for us to measure performance and quickly understand what works and what doesn’t. Improving the ROI on future media buys for any client now becomes a straight forward process.”

Improving media investments by more quickly optimizing campaigns

With other campaigns, the analysis cycle usually occurs long after a campaign has been run with only broad indicators, like overall sales. This data latency impacts when changes can be made to either improve a media position, or if it was performing poorly, the execution of a stop-loss to cancel the flight.

With the data linkage between Proxi and Google closely tied together, not only is performance reporting almost instantaneous, but Proxi’s media buyers are also able to leverage Google TV Ad’s media placement responsiveness to make informed adjustments daily.

Like equity traders tracking stock performance, Proxi’s buyers closely watch Google TV Ads dashboards and are able to quickly make changes to optimize media investments.

"Google TV Ads provide us a vast amount of control with our TV buys. A typical buy does not allow real control over our spend. With Google, it's easy to switch things day by day – if something isn't working as we'd expected, we quickly adjust the campaign," says Bragg.

Data integration- a key to success in any market

Similar to the stock market, timely data gives any manager an advantage towards making more informed decisions. This also holds true for media investments.

Unfortunately most media venues are very inefficient marketplaces with inaccessible performance data where “investing” in these markets would be reflective of the stock market 100 years ago.

By sharing data, Google & Proxi have been able to demonstrate information efficiencies that are comparable to what we see in the stock markets today. While most agencies do not have Proxi’s technical capabilities, the platform Proxi developed could be used by other DR marketers to track campaign performance and provide similar results.

Proxi is a brand management agency specializing in technology solutions for its clients. Focusing on digital media and direct response campaigns, Proxi is proud to be working with Google and looks forward to substantially increasing the volume of media buying on the Google TV Ad system.

About Proxi Market Solutions:
As an agency of specialists and solution providers, Proxi integrates business development, marketing strategies and IT solutions, to help companies “do more with less”. With clients ranging from P&G, Starbucks and other Fortune 500 companies to smaller start-ups, they operate as a “proxy” to help companies expand their busines. For more information on Proxi-


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