Das Gift by Ossimori Launched Shirt Line in an Event to Die For

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Das Gift by Ossimori, launched their fall line in the US starting in the west coast and slowly working their way east. The Salt Lake City event managed to create a domino effect of interest based on the lines focus on artistic presentation, over fashion. The event included a huge art installation centered in an art gallery and featured real, full-size trees, human models frozen for hours into garden party, and seductive poses, arranged on top of sod, and wood. Das Gift is Ossimori's luxury limited edition shirt line, hand printed, manufactured in Italy.

Das Gift by Ossimori Gallery Event

A man lay behind them, wearing a Das Gift by Ossimori V-Neck shirt, and black slacks, lifeless, eyes closed, red rose petals came out of his mouth and fell into a floral puddle beside his head.

House of Ossimori, (pronounced aw-sim-mor-ee) a design company based in Florence, Italy, launched their shirt line, Das Gift by Ossimori, in a series of launch parties that began in Salt Lake City, on August 21st. They will be moving onto the east coast, and then Italy in October to have their main event in Florence. The Salt Lake City event was a success, and has continued to generate a domino effect of interest. They pulled in huge crowds of onlookers curious to see what all the rage was about. They were surprised to find something entirely different from what they'd expected.

Upon walking into Kayo art gallery, the first thing one noticed was a huge art installation taking up the entire center of the room. A garden featuring real trees accented by peacock feathers and human models froze into seductive, and morbid poses held for hours, on top of sod, leaves, and tree bark. In the center of the scene, two women in black, backless cashmere/silk blend dresses, sat facing each other, holding wine glasses, motionless, smirking. A man lay behind them, wearing a Das Gift V-neck and black slacks, lifeless, eyes closed, red rose petals came out of his mouth and fell into a floral puddle beside his head. His hand grasped a vile of red liquid. His pale skin glowed beneath the harsh gallery lights. In the front, and back of the garden, were two standing couples wearing Das Gift shirts with House of Ossimori's famous logo, an anatomically correct heart, printed on the front. Playing on the designers’ love of contradictions, the two models at the head of the scene were frozen into a lover’s gaze, holding hands, smiling into each others happy faces. The models in the back were in a pose of frustration and anger, the man with his hands wrapped tightly around the woman’s neck. Her face looked away, longing, his face twisted into a determined scowl. Every fifteen minutes like clockwork, the models changed positions yet maintained the duality of love: longing, and frustration. The Cure played from the DJ's speakers near the door, white square boxes towered on a nearby table where wine, and shirts could be taken.

The House's two designer's, Jessica Turner and Misty Evans, were all smiles around the gallery, posing for photo's for IN Magazine, shaking hands and laughing with guests who were taken back by their interesting approach to fashion: an installation artist's approach. The two designers met in a graduate art program in Florence. Later, they became business partners starting House of Ossimori in January 2010. Since then, they have quickly established themselves in the luxury market of high-end artist shirts and limited edition apparel. Items can purchased online twice per year during their 48 hour sample sale, or in select boutiques worldwide. They have built a reputation for their naked feeling T's, high quality construction, unique approach to design, and bold, art gallery events.

The designers head back to Italy in October to continue a series of events and plan for their spring 2011 line. So far, they are continuing to build relationships with retailers in the US and Europe. For a list of where to purchase and when visit: http://www.houseofossimori.com


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