Cash For Gold Company Joins Activists Against Dirty Gold

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A months-long New York Times study has found that gold mining is a process that is detrimental to our environment and areas of conservation. It also causes conflict and human rights abuses in depraved countries. Captain Cash for Gold proposes selling old jewelry to be recycled, thereby diminishing the amount of gold mining required. Selling scrap gold for cash can be done by selling old gold jewelry, or even selling platinum would help fight gold mining while earning a nice profit.

Captain Cash for Gold... is working to bring accountability to mining companies by joining forces with environmental groups, and taking a stand against dirty gold.

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Online gold buyers are often not the most reputable of firms. However, with a growing awareness of dirty gold, gold buyer Captain Cash for Gold stands apart by now pledging to join the ranks of jewelry giants such as Zales, Tiffany and Co., Kmart, Sears, and others who have recently been forced to face the uncomfortable questions of where their gold is coming from. They've agreed this week to support mine watchdog group Earthworks’ “No Dirty Gold” campaign. People are starting to realize that those gleaming necklaces, rings and watches in the jewelry case may cost a lot more than they think.

Blood diamonds are an unfortunate, but well-known catastrophe. Dirty gold, or blood gold, however, remains hidden in the shadows. A months-long examination by The New York Times, including tours of gold mines in the American West, Latin America, Africa and Europe, provided a rare look inside an insular industry with a troubled environmental legacy and an uncertain future."Gold mining poses numerous environmental risks by laying acres of territory that should be conserved to waste," says jeweler and gold expert Mark Rich. He explains that miners also use a cyanide solution to separate the gold from the ore, which often leaches into the surrounding waters and land, destroying livelihoods and wildlife that could take years to recover. The hardest to digest is mines in places like Congo, Ghana, and other impoverished countries. Big mining companies in these areas often clash with artisan miners, provoking conflict and human rights abuse, the New York Times found.

"Our environment is our home. It’s too precious to do away with for a luxury as frivolous as materialistic adornments. It’s an added horror that with each piece of jewelry that we buy containing blood gold, innocent people are being killed, having their homes uprooted, and the like," says Rich. Captain Cash for Gold, a leading online gold buyer, is working to bring accountability to mining companies by joining forces with environmental groups, and taking a stand against dirty gold. They will work to the best of their ability to ensure that the gold being dealt with has no ties to bad mining practices or sources of conflict. They alone are the sole gold buyers willing to take responsibility and try to halt the damage.

Captain Cash has also come up with a revolutionary solution that is taking the jewelry industry by a storm. Although it’s not perfect, it can definitely keep the dirty gold mining to a minimum. They propose recycling gold - selling gold through online buyers, who keep the process hassle-free, and help people make money on their gold. This is an opportunity that benefits all involved parties, buyers and sellers, and it’s a breakthrough that eco-friendly groups are snatching up, because finally there’s a suggestion for improvement rather than empty preaching. "By selling scrap gold, the gold is melted down to be reused in new pieces. This causes a constant cycle of reintroducing old jewelry to be updated, minimizing the amount of detrimental mining required to fit our ever expanding consumption of gold jewelry and goods," Rich explains. The economy is slowly poking its head up out of the dust. Everyone is entitled to indulge. But at what cost? Everyone needs some retail therapy sometimes. But at what price? Aside for its enormous benefits, recycling gold also benefits the consumer by providing cash for gold.

The battle against the ills of mining gold is definitely uphill, but with this innovative breakthrough there’s a promising start. As each CashPak comes in, the gold is carefully sorted, then sent out to be melted down and refined. In the searing heat of the refining process, the entire gold industry is also being refined, slowly and surely, one piece at a time, from the evils of dirty gold.


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