SEO Must Change, Says CEO of Webnauts Net

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CEO of SEO Workers parent company announces division’s revolutionary concept in optimization services, and claims it’s a necessity for survival with the changes he sees coming.

John Britsios, CEO of Webnauts Net, revealed today in an interview that their SEO Workers division has revamped their services offering, to focus on the “bigger picture” - Search Experience Optimization (SXO).

Britsios says, “Traditionally, we have offered on-page and off-page SEO, site design focused on usability and accessibility, and conversion optimization, as well as state of the art RDFa technology.

“Our new offering, however,” he says, “consolidates all those, and doesn’t just look at traffic and conversion. It focuses instead, on the user, as does the search engine. The user is everything!

“That truly puts us, for the first time, in an alliance with the search engines… an alliance between the user, the search engine, the SEO practitioner and the marketer.

“SEO has traditionally been defined as the use of various techniques to improve a web site’s ranking,” said Britsios. “Not many SEOs address usability and accessibility, and even fewer utilize RDFa.

“Those things help the search engines give more relevant search results… they contribute to a better user experience. And a happy user is more likely to convert.”

By focusing on the entire user experience, from search through conversion, says Britsios, instead of focusing on things like pagerank and results ranking, the site owner’s ROI should improve dramatically.

Britsios said, “I don’t know of any other SEO firms that do a credible job of marrying the optimization of search and conversion with usability and accessibility. We’re going to do that, one hundred percent!”

“The consolidated offering renders much more value than the sum of its parts. I think that SEO Workers is the only SEO firm that’s looking at the big picture,” he added. “

“Search is changing dramatically,” he said. “Search engines are tightening their requirements for accessibility and usability, and are moving closer to a truly semantic web every day.

“That means that SEO, as it has previously existed, is becoming obsolete. It needs to change too, in order to keep pace.

“And those of us that don’t want to be left behind, need to lead those changes, rather than play catch-up.”

SEO Workers concept of Search Experience Optimization (SXO) seems to be a valid evolutionary step. Many other SEOs have already expressed support for the concept.


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